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  1. DIY Christmas Ornament Fridge Magnets

    DIY Christmas Ornament Fridge Magnets
    Thanksgiving is over and that means it is time to pull out all your Christmas decorations! If you have a surplus of ornaments or bulbs after decorating your tree, you can repurpose them as magnets! Christmas ornament fridge magnets are easy and inexpensive to make, here’s how you can create them. Continue reading →
  2. DIY Easter Egg Magnets

    DIY Easter Egg Magnets
    Happy Easter! If you have some extra time this weekend amongst the holiday festivities here is a DIY that is low-budget and great for parents to do with the kids. These DIY egg magnets make colorful fridge accessories and can be a fun spin on the traditional egg dying activity. While hunting eggs, you can collect a few oval-shaped pebbles too, bring them back and get started! Below is the list of what you’ll need and how you can make your very own personalized Easter magnets (and memories). Continue reading →

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