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  1. Magnet Crafts and DIYs to Celebrate Hanukkah

    Magnet Crafts and DIYs to Celebrate Hanukkah
    Hanukkah, also referenced as the Festival of Lights, is celebrated by families all over the world by lighting the menorah, preparing traditional foods, playing games, and giving gifts. It’s also celebrated by spending time with your loved ones, which is why we put together a few Hanukkah magnet crafts for you to create while spending the holiday with your family.  Continue reading →
  2. DIY Magnetic Board Games

    DIY Magnetic Board Games
    What could be more fun than magnetic board games? They bring all the fun you know and love with a twist of magnetic attraction. If you’re remixing a classic game by mounting it up on the wall, or you’re just looking to create pieces for a more traditional set that don’t scatter and fall beneath the couch, magnets are the answer.  Read on for details on how to magnetize some of your favorite board games:  Continue reading →
  3. DIY Magnetic Cheese Board

    DIY Magnetic Cheese Board
    It’s likely that you’ve never thought to purchase a magnetic cheese board, but Apex Magnets is here to tell you why this is a must-have item when hosting a happy hour, birthday party, or any other celebration at your home.  There are a few different types of magnetic cheese boards — some have magnets in the base of the board, while others use magnets or a magnetic strip on a wedge of wood attached to the board — but the purpose is the same: to hold your cheese knives. This way, you aren’t prone to losing a utensil from your set or having any accidentally fall to the floor while people are grabbing their hor oeuvres. Continue reading →
  4. Salt Dough Magnet DIY

    Salt Dough Magnet DIY
    You may have heard of using salt dough to create homemade ornaments, but this DIY is fun any time of the year thanks to the addition of adhesive magnets! Whether you want to hold up mail on the fridge, make a chore chart, or decorate parts of your house with little trinkets, you’ll love this magnetic DIY. While this is a great family-friendly activity, only adults should handle the magnets.  Continue reading →
  5. DIY Magnetic Desk Toy

    DIY Magnetic Desk Toy
    In case you missed it, a new product is on the market — a desk toy that uses the power of magnets to defy gravity. While this might sound revolutionary, or like magic, this toy is replicating an age-old physics trick showcasing Lenz’s law and eddy currents.  Continue reading →
  6. 3 Magnetic DIYs For the Backyard

    3 Magnetic DIYs For the Backyard
    If you’re looking for ways to have fun outdoors with the family but don’t want to just buy another toy, check out these magnetic DIYs that are functional AND fun.  Continue reading →
  7. This Stainless Steel Gaming Desk Utilizes Magnets & You Can Make Your Own

    This Stainless Steel Gaming Desk Utilizes Magnets & You Can Make Your Own
    We’ve long been sharing ways to "fix it with magnets," so we love seeing companies and designers utilizing the power of magnets to make their customers’ lives easier. Secretlab recently became one of these companies when they expanded beyond gaming chairs to their newest gaming accessory — a magnetic desk! Continue reading →
  8. Magnet DIY: Magnetic Ice Sensory Activity

    Magnet DIY: Magnetic Ice Sensory Activity
    While school’s out for the summer, you can still make playtime educational (while staying fun) with this super easy magnetic DIY! The best part? Cleanup is easy — just wipe up water!  Continue reading →
  9. Spreading Joy With Magnetic Kindness Rocks

    Spreading Joy With Magnetic Kindness Rocks
    The past year has been uncharacteristically difficult for a lot of people. It’s times like these where we need to spread positivity and uplift each other even more. One fun way to do that is by making kindness rocks! You may have heard of this viral trend before as The Kindness Rocks Project, where people paint stones and leave them to be found and collected by others. The intent was to bring a smile to someone’s face when they discovered a colorful rock with an inspirational message on it.  We’ll teach you how to make your own magnetic kindness rock to spread little reminders of happiness around your home. Remember, this DIY is perfect for all ages—but when crafting with children be sure an adult is present. Continue reading →
  10. Magnets and Weddings DIY Roundup

    Magnets and Weddings DIY Roundup
    Magnets can be incredibly helpful to someone who is planning a wedding! They’re discreet, so they don’t take away from the ambiance of the day, and they’re perfect for crafts and DIYS, which are a staple at any wedding celebration. That’s why, before you walk down the aisle or wait at the end of it, you should read through the following magnets and wedding DIY roundup: Continue reading →

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