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  1. Magnets and Weddings DIY Roundup

    Magnets and Weddings DIY Roundup
    Magnets can be incredibly helpful to someone who is planning a wedding! They’re discreet, so they don’t take away from the ambiance of the day, and they’re perfect for crafts and DIYS, which are a staple at any wedding celebration. That’s why, before you walk down the aisle or wait at the end of it, you should read through the following magnets and wedding DIY roundup: Continue reading →
  2. DIY Magnetic Key Hooks Using Self Adhesive Magnets

    DIY Magnetic Key Hooks Using Self Adhesive Magnets
    We love DIYs that allow you to make the most of cool thrift store finds or some of the forgotten items in your home. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! Upcycling is not only good for the environment but also for your bank account — as a bonus, the vintage style is popular for decorating right now. If you have any old skeleton keys around, this DIY will help you turn ‘em into fashionable home decor hooks that can hold your car keys, house keys, and more by using self-adhesive magnets!  Continue reading →
  3. 5 Easy Magnetic Crafts and Hacks For Around the House

    5 Easy Magnetic Crafts and Hacks For Around the House
    It’s amazing what a few minutes and some magnets can do to have you on your way to living a bit more organized. Below you’ll find four magnetic hacks and DIYs for all over the house and office —we couldn’t keep it all serious, so we’ve included a fun DIY for you or the kids as well! Continue reading →
  4. Getting Ready for Summer: Magnetic DIYs and Hacks Roundup

    Getting Ready for Summer: Magnetic DIYs and Hacks Roundup
    Summer is right around the corner, meaning more time outside in the sun and more opportunities to use magnets in your everyday life! In preparation for the new season, we’ve compiled a roundup of magnetic DIYs and crafts to make this summer the best yet. From keeping kids busy during long car rides to helping you host the best picnics, choose your favorite DIY or hack below!  Continue reading →
  5. DIY Minimalist Photo Stand

    DIY Minimalist Photo Stand
    You may have noticed that over the past few years, fashion and home decor have trended towards increasingly minimalist designs. Minimalist style is defined by one key principle: simplicity, including streamlined shapes and limited colors. When trying to pinpoint this trendy style, simplicity is the way to go! The best part? Since this style is so classic you won’t have to worry about keeping up with fleeting fashion trends—simple is always in style. And when you do want to switch things up, magnets can come in handy.  Continue reading →
  6. Keep Things Hidden: DIY Secret Drawer With Magnets & More DIYs

    Keep Things Hidden: DIY Secret Drawer With Magnets & More DIYs
    If you have some extra time on your hands and want to spruce up your desk, this DIY drawer is a great project! The best part, the drawer will be secret —  only accessible by using a magnet! Don’t worry, we won’t tell your secret.  The entire DIY and tutorial can be found here via Instructables. The magnet size will depend on what you want to put in the drawer  — if you want to keep valuables such as your laptop or other heavy electronics, be sure to get a strong pull force. We recommend using our cylinder magnets, like our 1/2” x 1” cylinder, that have the pull force of 32 pounds/magnet.  Continue reading →
  7. How to Make Harry Potter Bottle Cap Magnets

    How to Make Harry Potter Bottle Cap Magnets
    Recycling is always a good way to dispose of glass bottles. But these DIY bottle cap magnets are a fun alternative to tossing bottle caps into the recycling bin! The first step is to pick the fandom of your choice. We chose Harry Potter, but to each his (or her) own. Follow the steps below and you will have a fun new decoration for your fridge or anywhere you please! Continue reading →
  8. How To Make A Magnetic Bookmark

    How To Make A Magnetic Bookmark
    Many bookworms will understand the frustration of losing your place when reading a good book. Whether you’re interrupted in the middle of an exciting chapter or you need to take notes on something you’ve just read, remembering your page number is one extra and unnecessary step. With this DIY project for a magnetic bookmark, you won’t leave all your pages dog-eared. Even if you’re not a big reader, with this magnetic bookmark you won’t lose your place in your magazine, textbook, and even your journal. Continue reading →
  9. DIY Magnetic Popsicle Puzzle

    DIY Magnetic Popsicle Puzzle
    When you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, puzzles are a fun indoor activity to occupy your time. If you’ve already done all the puzzles in your house though, this DIY magnetic popsicle puzzle craft will help you make an endless supply of puzzles. Here's how to get started:  Continue reading →
  10. DIY Game Boy Fridge Magnet

    DIY Game Boy Fridge Magnet
    If you grew up in the ‘90s, this DIY magnet project will certainly inspire some nostalgic feelings for you. Launching in 1989, the hand-held gaming console, Game Boy, wasn’t the first to be released, but changed how the world would view them over the next 25 years. To bring back all those great feelings you had playing your Game Boy on the school bus, we’re going to transform your refrigerator into one. You won’t be able to play any actual games, but it will be great for keeping track of grocery lists, to-do lists, and provide a place to quickly write notes down. Before we get started, you’re going to need to get some materials to complete the project. Continue reading →

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