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  1. DIY Magnetic Tie Clip

    DIY Magnetic Tie Clip
    Tie clips are extremely useful on windy days or while you’re eating soup. They also make thoughtful gifts for the well-dressed man who already has everything. But if you don’t want a boring bar shaped tie clip, you can turn almost anything you want into a tie clip using magnets. Here’s a simple DIY on how to make a magnetic tie clip. Continue reading →
  2. How To Make A Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

    How To Make A Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet
    Everyone needs a bottle opener at some point, especially beer drinkers. And you don’t want to carry a free bottle opener keychain from a bar with the logo of a beer you don’t even like. With this DIY magnet project, you can show off your woodworking skills and open bottles with class. If you don’t have woodworking skills, don’t worry - this magnetic bottle opener is simple, fun, and convenient! Continue reading →
  3. DIY Magnetic Book Box

    DIY Magnetic Book Box
    Instead of building a secret room you can open by pulling down a lever disguised as a book or purchasing an expensive safe to hide behind a painting, you can create a secret hiding place using things you can find around the house or at a thrift store. A DIY magnetic book box is easy to make and will fit in with the rest of the books on your shelf so no one can tell it’s hollow. Here are the 5 easy steps you can follow to make a magnetic book box: Continue reading →
  4. DIY Magnetic Pencil Case

    DIY Magnetic Pencil Case
    Keeping track of pencils, pens, and paperclips is difficult if they’re jostling around in your backpack or purse. If you don’t think behind your ear is the best place to store a pencil, here is a fun DIY for a cute magnetic pencil case. Continue reading →
  5. DIY Magnet Crafts For Independence Day

    DIY Magnet Crafts For Independence Day
    It’s almost the 4th of July! As you prepare for the holiday weekend, here are some helpful DIY magnet crafts you can use to make your life easier. Continue reading →
  6. DIY Magnetic Father’s Day Gifts

    DIY Magnetic Father’s Day Gifts
    Running out of time to get dad a memorable Father’s Day gift? You can use magnets to create these last minute presents for the hands-on dad who already has it all. Try making life easier for dad by cleaning the garage or making a magnetic wristband. Don’t be intimidated by this daunting task. You can make it fun and easy using magnets! Continue reading →
  7. DIY Magnet Earrings

    DIY Magnet Earrings
    Magnet earrings don’t require you to pierce your ears. Although, getting your ears pierced is pretty normal today many people don’t like the idea of poking holes in their ears with sharp needles. Some of you can’t keep your ears pierced without getting an infection. Or maybe you have your ears pierced in one place, but don’t want to pay for a new piercing. No matter what your reason, here is an easy DIY craft for magnetic earrings. Continue reading →
  8. Preserve Summer Flowers and Seashells with DIY Magnets

    Preserve Summer Flowers and Seashells with DIY Magnets
    Now that summer is underway, blooming flowers and trips to the beach are the norm. If you love the warm summer season and hate when fall and cold weather arrives, here’s one way to keep a little piece of summer all year round--DIY magnets. The next time you go outside or stroll along the beach take some souvenirs like seashells, sand or flower petals. Once you have collected all your souvenirs, preserve them with this easy DIY magnet activity. Continue reading →
  9. Cool Magnetic Jewelry for Shoes

    Cool Magnetic Jewelry for Shoes
    Are you cleaning out your wardrobe for the summer? Don’t throw out those boring, old shoes just yet! You can spice up your plain shoes with DIY magnetic jewelry. Instead of paying for a new pair of shoes to match your summer outfits, try making these cute magnet accessories for your shoes. Continue reading →
  10. Cute Bubble Magnets for Mother’s Day

    Cute Bubble Magnets for Mother’s Day
    This year marks the 107th anniversary of the modern Mother’s Day celebration in the United States. After 107 years, it’s getting more and more difficult to find original, creative Mother’s Day gifts worthy of people as special as moms. If you usually go with one of the popular Mother’s Day gifts like chocolate, flowers, or spa treatments, maybe this year you can try combining thoughtfulness with utility. You can make easy refrigerator photo bubble magnets that mom will love and never lose! Continue reading →
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