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  1. DIY Magnetic Christmas Advent Calendar

    DIY Magnetic Christmas Advent Calendar
    Count down the days until Christmas with a fun DIY magnetic advent calendar! You can create an advent calendar with some simple everyday items and choose the presents to use inside. Plus, when you make one yourself you can customize it to fit your decor and interests like this person did with their Doctor Who inspired Tardis calendar. To create your own easy and festive advent calendar follow these instructions. Continue reading →
  2. Turn Your Fridge Into a Reindeer or a Snowman for the Holidays

    Turn Your Fridge Into a Reindeer or a Snowman for the Holidays
    This is one DIY project that takes the term fridge magnet to a whole new level! If you love to decorate every inch of your home when the holidays roll around, then here’s an idea for fridge decorating━reindeer magnets. You can turn your “plain jane” fridge into a festive reindeer or a snowman with a few supplies and this guide. Continue reading →
  3. DIY Christmas Ornament Fridge Magnets

    DIY Christmas Ornament Fridge Magnets
    Thanksgiving is over and that means it is time to pull out all your Christmas decorations! If you have a surplus of ornaments or bulbs after decorating your tree, you can repurpose them as magnets! Christmas ornament fridge magnets are easy and inexpensive to make, here’s how you can create them. Continue reading →
  4. DIY: Snow Globe Magnets

    DIY: Snow Globe Magnets
    Nothing reminds us of the holiday season quite like snow globes. Snow globes date as far back as the 19th century, although, how they were created has been disputed. Some say that the snow globe was inspired by paperweights, and others say that they were created as the result of a failed lamp project. Regardless of how they came about, there is no doubt that snow globes have become an iconic item that is recognized all over the world. Now, you can create your very own snow globe magnets for the holidays or for a handmade Christmas gift! Continue reading →
  5. How to Make DIY Turkey Leaf Magnets

    How to Make DIY Turkey Leaf Magnets
    Thanksgiving is almost here, which means you may be surrounded by family and friends in your home. You can add some character to your house with reusable DIY holiday crafts. In this blog, we explain how to make Thanksgiving themed magnets from everyday items. Turkey leaf magnets are fun, quick and easy to create. You can pick out the perfect pair of leaves to use right from your yard, and follow the steps below to make these magnets. Continue reading →
  6. Magnetic Recipe Board

    Magnetic Recipe Board
    Now that the holiday season is officially underway, you can start preparing for the hefty Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner menus. If your family loves food and swapping recipes, here is a DIY to help you keep track of all your holiday food ideas. Sure, you can always create a Pinterest board, but there is still some old-fashioned charm to hanging a tangible recipe board in your kitchen. Here’s how you can make one for your own home. Continue reading →
  7. Give Thanks Board and Magnets for Thanksgiving

    Give Thanks Board and Magnets for Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving is in exactly two weeks from today! The holiday has evolved a lot since it first took place in 1621, however, the focus on giving thanks is still strong. This year, you can remind yourself and your family to give thanks with this DIY magnetic countdown calendar. For each day until Thanksgiving, add a new “I am thankful for” item. Here’s how you can create your own. Continue reading →
  8. DIY: Candy Box Magnets

    DIY: Candy Box Magnets
    Now that trick-or-treating is over, you probably have tons of leftover Halloween candy. And, if you’re part of the 90% of parents that admit to sneaking candy from their kids’ trick-or-treat bags, here’s one way that you can reuse the boxes. If you have candy in the miniature-sized boxes, you can upcycle them into neat fridge magnets. Instead of pitching them into the trash bin, follow these simple steps and create fun, pop art inspired magnets. Continue reading →
  9. Last-Minute Magnet Halloween Costume Ideas

    Last-Minute Magnet Halloween Costume Ideas
    It’s almost Halloween, and if you haven’t found a costume yet, then have no fear! We have compiled a list of some low-budget, last-minute costume ideas. Since we love magnets and science, we’ve themed this list around magnets and magnetism. Therefore, it may be a little cheesy, but we did warn you. Continue reading →
  10. Frankenstein Magnets

    Frankenstein Magnets
    Did you know that there is an actual Frankenstein Day? In August, there is one to celebrate the writer Mary Shelley’s birthday, but there is also one this month. The last Friday of October is Frankenstein Friday and it just so happens that this year it falls on Halloween. It has been two centuries since Shelley wrote Frankenstein, but everyone is still familiar with the monster tale that has become one of the main symbols of Halloween. This month you can celebrate Frankenstein and general October spookiness with these Frankenstein fridge magnets! Continue reading →

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