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  1. DIY: Clothes Magnets Activity for Father’s Day

    DIY: Clothes Magnets Activity for Father’s Day
    If your family is one that loves to adorn its fridge with colorful magnets and family photos, then these DIY magnets might be perfect for you. In this tutorial, we’re making our own DIY clothes magnets and then attaching them to family photos to create funny, movable magnet pieces. Some examples of cute magnets that you can include in your Father’s Day gift set are: sports jerseys, ties, bowties, shoes, vests and almost any other article of clothing. Continue reading →
  2. Magnetic Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    Magnetic Father’s Day Gift Ideas
    Father’s Day is quickly approaching and if you haven’t found the perfect gift for the father figure in your life, we have a few ideas! Your dad isn’t like any other dad. If you’d like to make the lucky parent in your life feel as special as they are this June 15th, make your gift a thoughtful one. Check out these gift ideas for the father figure in your life: Continue reading →
  3. Magnet Innovation: Magnetic Street Art

    Magnet Innovation: Magnetic Street Art
    When you think of magnets, art may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, there is an urban art niche forming through the magnetic work of street artists like, Hego. Magnetic street art is created using strong magnets attached to ferrous outdoor places usually within an urban area. Because the street art is hung with magnets, it doesn’t damage the outdoor fixtures it is attached to and it is mobile. The mobility of the art is part of the idea behind Hego’s Magnetic Street Art project. Others can take his work with them and then hang it up somewhere else, creating a perpetually traveling art piece. Continue reading →
  4. Make Jewelry Easy to Wear with Magnetic Clasps

    Make Jewelry Easy to Wear with Magnetic Clasps
    A magnetic jewelry clasp is often easier to use than other jewelry closure methods. Because it opens and closes with magnets, the jewelry is held in place securely but can also be removed easily by the wearer by pulling apart the magnetic closures. This is extremely convenient for individuals with arthritis or limited dexterity. There are several different types of magnetic clasps that you can choose from to construct your pieces but it is important to know what type to use. Before starting you must decide what type of magnetic clasp is best for your piece of jewelry. Here are a few tips to help you determine what type of magnetic jewelry clasp is best: Continue reading →
  5. DIY Easter Egg Magnets

    DIY Easter Egg Magnets
    Happy Easter! If you have some extra time this weekend amongst the holiday festivities here is a DIY that is low-budget and great for parents to do with the kids. These DIY egg magnets make colorful fridge accessories and can be a fun spin on the traditional egg dying activity. While hunting eggs, you can collect a few oval-shaped pebbles too, bring them back and get started! Below is the list of what you’ll need and how you can make your very own personalized Easter magnets (and memories). Continue reading →
  6. DIY: Magnetic Jewelry Board

    DIY: Magnetic Jewelry Board
    Magnets have many different uses. When it comes to household organization they can be extremely useful. One way to use magnets to help keep your home and items organized is by creating a magnet board that can both display and organize various objects. Continue reading →
  7. DIY: Peeps Magnets for Spring or Easter

    DIY: Peeps Magnets for Spring or Easter
    One of the most iconic symbols of spring and Easter is the colorful marshmallow chicks and bunnies that start popping up in stores. Now you can turn those marshmallow candies into cute magnets, without sacrificing any of the goodies. Below is an abridged version of the DIY from Amy at Mod Podge Rocks. Continue reading →
  8. DIY: Wedding Save the Date Magnets

    DIY: Wedding Save the Date Magnets
    While weddings are one of the most special occasions, they can be stressful and expensive! Not to mention that most decorations and such are thrown away once the event has passed. That's why we're sharing a special DIY that'll be able to be enjoyed long after your wedding day — save the date magnets! Now, this may take a little craftiness, but you'll have unique and reusable decorations to last long after the celebration. Continue reading →
  9. DIY Spring Flower Magnets in 4 Easy Steps

    DIY Spring Flower Magnets in 4 Easy Steps
    Spring has arrived and to celebrate we are making spring flower magnets! DIY flower magnets are a cute and simple project that you can do in just 4 steps. We have shared our tutorial below: Continue reading →
  10. How to Make Saint Patrick’s Day Magnets

    How to Make Saint Patrick’s Day Magnets
    How to Make Saint Patrick’s Day Magnets Photo by Kanchelskis If you love DIY, magnets, and Saint Patrick’s Day, then you’re in luck. We have compiled a few DIY activities that you can do to celebrate this March 17th. Continue reading →

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