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  1. DIY Paint Stick Magnets

    DIY Paint Stick Magnets
    If you’ve recently (or even if you haven’t) redesigned or painted your home, you most likely have various extra supplies like a paint stick lying around. Whether it’s semi-empty paint cans, paint brushes, or paint sticks, you probably have kept them around in the off chance you’ll need to use them again. However, 9 times out of 10, they end up sitting in the basement, collecting dust. Don’t fret! Continue reading →
  2. Fall Leaf DIY Magnets

    Fall Leaf DIY Magnets
    People love fall for the cool temperatures, vibrant colors, and plethora of themed activities. Lucky for us, fall goes on until December 20th! Halloween and Thanksgiving are two major holidays we celebrate during the season, and this DIY would be a perfect decoration for both. Leaves are an icon of falls and there’s no better way to display these beautiful gifts from nature than our Clay Leaf DIY Magnets. Continue reading →
  3. DIY Faux Insect Magnets

    DIY Faux Insect Magnets
    ‘Tis the season for all things creepy and scary! Halloween is right around the corner, and what better way to decorate your kitchen fridge or other magnetic surfaces than a DIY faux insect magnet? This may be the one time that insects such as beetles, cockroaches, and spiders are welcome in a home. If you’re hosting a Halloween party, your guests will be sure to either love the magnetic bugs or squirm at the sight of them, but they certainly won’t go unnoticed! Continue reading →
  4. DIY Mason Jar Pumpkin Lids

    DIY Mason Jar Pumpkin Lids
    Pumpkins are a time-old tradition of the fall season. Whether you're making delicious desserts or carving a jack-o-lantern masterpiece, pumpkins are your go-to gourd. Take a look at these quick and easy magnetic DIY mason jar pumpkin lids to give your fridge a festive look. These pumpkin magnets would also make great seasonal gifts, office decorations, or fall decor  for around the house. Continue reading →
  5. A-MAZE-ing Race: Make This Paper Plate Magnet DIY!

    A-MAZE-ing Race: Make This Paper Plate Magnet DIY!
    Want to impress your friends and amaze your enemies? This magical magnet maze is not only super fun, but a great opportunity to express your creativity. It’s part-puzzle, part-toy, and all do-it-yourself! Continue reading →
  6. Repurpose an Old Filing Cabinet with Magnets

    Repurpose an Old Filing Cabinet with Magnets
    Filing cabinets are disappearing from the modern office. Most people find that there’s no reason to keep the bulky, metal storage shelves around when everything can be stored online with less clutter. This means there are plenty of inexpensive filing cabinets in good condition that you can upcycle and put to good use. Here’s how you can use some paint and neodymium magnets to turn an old filing cabinet into a charming kitchen island: Continue reading →
  7. DIY Magnetic Gingerbread House

    DIY Magnetic Gingerbread House
    It’s that time of year again, the temperatures are lowering and the sun is setting earlier and earlier by the day. Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it’s time to get into the winter holiday spirit. One tradition you may have is making gingerbread houses with your family, and if you’re over the mess or too far away from your family, we have the perfect solution for you! Whether you’re old or young, this holiday season can bring you a new gingerbread house every day of the month December! Instead of making a traditional gingerbread house, create one that can be hung on your refrigerator: Continue reading →
  8. DIY Magnetic Tea Light Snowmen

    DIY Magnetic Tea Light Snowmen
    Decorating for the holidays can either be really fun or super stressful! If you have a small amount of time to get things done, it can be easy to find yourself running around like a chicken with its head cut off. On the flip side, if you have a family that is very eager, then it may seem like the holidays can’t come soon enough. To help those in both of these categories we’ve put together a simple DIY snowman that will help those with little time, as well as those with spare time! Continue reading →
  9. DIY Leaf Magnets

    DIY Leaf Magnets
    Laminated Leaf Magnets This quick and easy DIY project will bring some autumn flair to your refrigerator. Use the laminated leaves to hold lists or notes. Continue reading →
  10. Top 3 Halloween DIY Projects

    Top 3 Halloween DIY Projects
    Over the years, we’ve brought you some great DIY ideas for the Halloween season—everything from decorations to costumes to spooky science experiments. Now with the holiday upon us, we thought we’d revisit some of our favorite ideas to help you have the best, magnetic Halloween ever! Continue reading →

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