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  1. Top 3 Halloween DIY Projects

    Top 3 Halloween DIY Projects
    Over the years, we’ve brought you some great DIY ideas for the Halloween season—everything from decorations to costumes to spooky science experiments. Now with the holiday upon us, we thought we’d revisit some of our favorite ideas to help you have the best, magnetic Halloween ever! Continue reading →
  2. DIY Halloween Marshmallow Candy Magnets

    DIY Halloween Marshmallow Candy Magnets
    Happy fall! As the season finally begins to turn and the leaves change colors, it’s time to bring out the spooky decorations. But this year, you may be wondering, “How can I incorporate my love of magnets into my favorite holiday?” Have no fear! On top of hanging decorations with magnets, you can create Halloween magnetic homage to candy and bonfires with decorative marshmallow magnets. Continue reading →
  3. DIY Hidden Magnet Messages

    DIY Hidden Magnet Messages
    No matter who you are there’s a good chance at one point in your life you’ve kept a secret. Whether it was about a surprise party, or your best friend’s crush, there’s no escaping secrecy. But, what if you could hide any secret message right in plain sight? With the power of magnets, this is possible. Using a magnetic viewfinder, you can create any message, mantra, or secret and hide it without anyone ever knowing it’s there. To help you create this, we’ve put together this DIY magnet project for you. Continue reading →
  4. Easy DIY Magnetic Necklace

    Easy DIY Magnetic Necklace
    Refresh your wardrobe this season with a fun, fall necklace DIY. It’s easy enough to make in a weekend and doesn’t require you to struggle with complicated jewelry hardware — just use neodymium magnets! Not only can you make this necklace your own with different pendant shapes and designs, but magnetic fasteners make it easy to create a variety of different necklaces to wear this autumn. Continue reading →
  5. DIY Magnetic Fridge Clips

    DIY Magnetic Fridge Clips
    Mouse traps and magnets — did you know that you can make your own magnetic clips from this unlikely duo? Standard magnetic clips aren’t that appealing, and aren’t as customizable as something you make yourself. Rather than the same, dull metal clips, you can display invitations and grocery lists on your fridge with DIY magnets adorned with a stylish design. Continue reading →
  6. DIY Foxy Magnetic Mug Sleeve

    DIY Foxy Magnetic Mug Sleeve
    Sometimes you just can’t wait to enjoy that first (or second, or third) cup of coffee or tea. However, using a conventional mug is not without its problems. The handles are often too small to accommodate a comfortable grip and the mug itself takes forever to cool off. By following these steps, you can create your own personalized sleeve that hugs your mug through the power of magnets! Continue reading →
  7. Magnetic Mother’s Day Gifts

    Magnetic Mother’s Day Gifts
    Showing your mother that you love her doesn't have to come with an expensive price tag. Some of the most heartfelt gifts are the ones we make ourselves. This is why we think this year do it yourself gifts are a great way to show mom you appreciate all the hard work she’s done. If you still haven’t picked a gift for your mom, here are a few creative DIY gift ideas. Continue reading →

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