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  1. Thrifty Magnetic Hacks for Your Apartment

    Thrifty Magnetic Hacks for Your Apartment
    Recently, this Apex blogger was taking stock of his apartment—particularly all of the improvements he could make. The problem? This Apex blogger is particularly frugal and balks at making even the most practical purchases. However, as he stared at his wall (devoid of any artwork because he’s too cheap to buy frames), he realized something: he had magnets. This realization begat another: he could not only improve the functionality and aesthetic of his apartment, but also save a good bit of money doing it, all with magnets. Continue reading →
  2. Magnetic Bathroom Hacks

    Magnetic Bathroom Hacks
    When you live in an apartment, you typically don’t have much space to work with, especially in the bathroom. You have to utilize your space efficiently when you have limited room. The best hack for that? Move to a new home! We’re kidding. It’s magnets! These easy DIY hacks require minimal effort and maximal magnets. Continue reading →
  3. 3 Magnet Hacks for Your Tiny Kitchen

    3 Magnet Hacks for Your Tiny Kitchen
    When you’re renting a small apartment, one of the biggest challenges is organizing your kitchen. Not only are you trying to fit all of your pots and pans into a tiny space, but you also can’t leave any permanent marks or holes if you want to get your security deposit back. So instead of trying to get by with half of your kitchenware in storage, here are a few ways you can use neodymium magnets to make your apartment more livable: Continue reading →
  4. DIY Fridge Bottle Hanger

    DIY Fridge Bottle Hanger
    It’s that time of year again, the sun is shining, the days are longer and it seems like every weekend a new party, graduation or family get-together is happening. Although these times are fun, there’s one thing they all have in common, food and drinks. As your fridge begins to fill with leftovers, you’ll have to decide what’s most important, cold drinks or unspoiled food. Well, now you don’t have to decide. We’ve put together a step by step DIY magnet project that will have all of your metal topped bottles hanging above the food containers. Whether you have beer, soda or even an iced coffee, this project is sure to free up space in your fridge. Continue reading →
  5. DIY Magnetic Spill-Proof Drink Tray

    DIY Magnetic Spill-Proof Drink Tray
    Let’s face it: everyone has spilled or broken a glass. This unavoidable mishap can happen when we’re alone, but it can be an even easier accident to make whenever you have guests in your home. Nothing is quite worse than needing to clean the carpet mid-party and even worse, some stains may never fully wash out of clothing, carpet, or upholstery. But with the help of magnets, you can make carrying drinks much easier than ever before. Continue reading →
  6. 5 Summer Magnet Hacks

    5 Summer Magnet Hacks
    Now that the summer Sun is peeking out of the clouds and bringing some warm weather, you’re probably eager to get outside. After spending all winter cooped up making grand plans for summer, it’s finally time to get started! Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, a picnic, or even planting your annual garden, here are a few ways really strong magnets can make your life easier: Continue reading →
  7. DIY Magnetic Road Trip Hacks

    DIY Magnetic Road Trip Hacks
    There's nothing quite like rolling the windows down, turning the music up, and hitting the open road. Spring is the perfect time of year for that road trip you’ve been dreaming of for ages. So, why not “carpe that diem” and start planning your adventure? It’s always important to travel with a light load on any road trip you take, but a few small tools can make a huge difference during your travels. Once you’ve packed your first aid kit and cooler, try your hand at some of these DIY magnet projects to hack your way to road trip greatness! Continue reading →
  8. 7 Ways to Use a Magnetic Rack

    7 Ways to Use a Magnetic Rack
    There is almost an endless amount of ways that a magnet can be used. They especially come in handy around the house, from hanging important things on the refrigerator to using them to pick up stray screws and nails in the garage. But one of the best ways to use magnets around the house is by using a magnetic strip. Because we like them so much, we put together a list of our favorite ways to use them! Continue reading →
  9. Top 5 Magnetic Organizational Boards

    Top 5 Magnetic Organizational Boards
    In addition to being amazing tools of innovation in physics and science, magnets also fulfill simple household needs of organization better than most materials. When you have really strong magnets at your disposal, you can store and display everything in your home more efficiently, even your bed! Here are a few of our favorite DIY magnetic bulletin boards: Continue reading →
  10. Magnet Hacks for Hikers

    Magnet Hacks for Hikers
    It’s finally hiking and camping season, which means it’s time to dust off your tent and break out your gear. No matter how expensive or popular your outdoor gear is though, you can still improve it with magnets. Here are a few ways magnets can make life easier for you as you explore the great outdoors: Continue reading →

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