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  1. Magnetic Solutions for Household Chores

    Magnetic Solutions for Household Chores
    Magnets are extremely useful tools to keep on hand because they can help make annoying tasks simple and quick. Whether you’re cleaning, organizing, or just pinning a reminder on the refrigerator, magnets have an incredible variety of uses. Here are a few household problems you can solve with magnets. Continue reading →
  2. 3 Unusual Uses Of Magnets

    3 Unusual Uses Of Magnets
    While we use magnets for countless different things every day, people are still coming up with new, innovative ways to harness the power of magnetism for their own purposes. Depending on the situation people use magnets for any number of things from fixing problems and creating DIY magnet crafts to making scientific discoveries in laboratories and in space. Here are a few things we can use magnets for that you would never guess. Continue reading →
  3. DIY Magnetic Screen Door

    DIY Magnetic Screen Door
    Leaving the door open and keeping the bugs out is easily solved with screen doors. But what if you have pets? Overexcited dogs can race through screen doors without waiting for someone to open them first and tear through the mesh. Instead of getting your screen door constantly replaced, use magnets to secure the screen down the center. When a dog runs through the screen, the magnets will pull apart long enough for them to pass and then reattach, securing the screen back together with no damage. Here’s how to make one: Continue reading →
  4. 5 Ways To Reuse Old Magnets

    5 Ways To Reuse Old Magnets
    Over the years, you have probably accumulated several refrigerator magnets that are unwanted or no longer relevant. Magnets from businesses like doctors and pizza shops or the souvenirs and wedding invites from your friends are cluttering your precious fridge space. As you reevaluate what constitutes a refrigerator-worthy magnetic memory, consider repurposing your old magnets instead of throwing them away. Here are a five ways you can reuse unwanted magnets: Continue reading →
  5. 4 Ways DIY Magnets Can Make Summer RV Travel Easier

    4 Ways DIY Magnets Can Make Summer RV Travel Easier
    Road tripping in a RV, also known as a recreational vehicle, caravan, or camper, is one of the quintessential American pastimes. However, if you have ever ridden long distances in one, you know it can get a little cramped, especially if you’re traveling in a group. There are several ways you can use magnets to maximize the space and make your RV more welcoming. Continue reading →
  6. Magnetic Puzzles for Summer Road Trips

    Magnetic Puzzles for Summer Road Trips
      Long road trips can be extremely tedious and dull. Finding things to do in the car other than read can be difficult. If you’re looking for something to help occupy your time so you stop wondering if you’re there yet, here is a DIY project for magnetic puzzles. Continue reading →
  7. Magnetic DIYs for the Big Football Game

    Magnetic DIYs for the Big Football Game
    The big game is this weekend. We have compiled some DIY projects and tricks to try if you are a football fan or are throwing a party or tailgate to celebrate. Continue reading →
  8. Use Magnets to Winter-Proof Your Home

    Use Magnets to Winter-Proof Your Home
    Keeping your home warm during the winter months can be tough, especially if you live in a more spacious house. However, there are a few tricks that homeowners can use to keep the cold out and possibly lower the heating costs. In this blog, we have collected a few ways that people can use magnets to winter-proof their homes. Continue reading →
  9. Storing Holiday Items with Magnets

    Storing Holiday Items with Magnets
    As the holidays wind down, you’ll soon have to take down all those Christmas, Hanukkah other themed decorations hanging up around your home. Putting holiday items in storage can be hard work. And if that isn’t enough, getting them out the next year can be even harder, especially if you don’t have an organized system to store them. Continue reading →
  10. 5 of the Most Creative Uses of Magnets in 2014

    5 of the Most Creative Uses of Magnets in 2014
    We may hear about researchers studying some hyper-specific aspect of magnetism, and not realize the importance or real-life applications of that research. However, studying magnetism and transferring that knowledge into a real-life application has created some amazing things. For instance, what if Raymond Damadian never invented the magnetic resonance imaging machine, also known as MRI? Now, most innovative magnetic creations don’t necessarily start with their creator thinking of magnets. Often, it starts out with a problem and sometimes, after exploring several solutions, creative thinkers discover that magnets may be a viable solution. In this article, we are taking a look at the past year and highlighting the most creative uses of magnets that we’ve stumbled upon. Continue reading →

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