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  1. The University of Iowa Wins a Record Grant to Study Magnetic Fields

    The University of Iowa Wins a Record Grant to Study Magnetic Fields
    There have been exciting things happening in magnetism. NASA recently awarded the University of Iowa (UI) a significant grant—$115 million—to study the interactions between the Earth and Sun’s magnetic fields. The TRACERS (Tandem Reconnection and Cusp Electrodynamics Reconnaissance Satellites) project, the largest research project in the university’s history, will be part of NASA’s Explorers Program.  Why Study the Magnetic Fields...
  2. Tate Features Pioneering Greek Sculptor’s Magnetic Work

    Tate Features Pioneering Greek Sculptor’s Magnetic Work
    Greek sculptor Takis -- born Panayuitis Vassilakis -- is a nonagenarian (a person who is between 90 to 99 years old!) and is the subject of an art exhibition opening on July 3 at Tate Modern in London. Why are we sharing this?  His work is about magnetism!  About Takis Works Takis was an avant-garde artist of the ‘50s and...
  3. This Superconducting Magnet Just Broke The Strongest Magnetic Field Record

    This Superconducting Magnet Just Broke The Strongest Magnetic Field Record
    A new superconducting magnet, created by National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab) at Florida State University, has briefly sustained a record-breaking 45.5-tesla magnetic field intensity. MagLab also produced the world’s previous strongest continuous field intensity, which held the top spot at 45-tesla since 1999.  To put this into perspective, the magnetic field intensity of a standard fridge magnet is about...
  4. People Can Sense Earth’s Magnetic Field

    People Can Sense Earth’s Magnetic Field
    A new study, published online in eNeuro, determined that through studying brain waves, humans can potentially have magnetoreception abilities. This “sixth sense” was previously only known to occur in certain animal species, such as birds and fish, who use the magnetism for navigation. What is Magnetoreception? While it sounds complicated, magnetoreception is, at its fundamental level, the perception of a geomagnetic...
  5. Is Earth’s Magnetic Field Flipping?

    Is Earth’s Magnetic Field Flipping?
    According to Nature, Earth’s north magnetic pole is moving so quickly that the World Magnetic Model (WMM) needed to be updated only four years after its latest update.  Even though the 2015 update to the model was expected to remain valid until 2020, it’s close to exceeding the acceptable limit for navigational errors. so, updates were made and released in February 2019. Periodically, the north and south poles move so much that they trade locations, which is known as a magnetic field flip.This phenomenon most likely should not occur for thousands of years, however. But, the fact that WMM needed to be updated so quickly has us questioning what is it that causes the poles to shift, and what this means for Earth’s magnetic field. Below, we outline what all plays into the changes. Continue reading →
  6. Magnetic Field Diode

    Magnetic Field Diode
    The future of electronics may change, as researchers have created a material that acts as a magnetic diode. This “magnetic field diode” is similar to the already known electrical diode, but this device could transfer a magnetic field to another object, but not the other way around. Continue reading →
  7. Jupiter's Moon's Magnetic Field

    Jupiter's Moon's Magnetic Field
    In December 1996, Dr. Margaret Kivelson, professor emerita of space physics at the University of California, Los Angeles, and her team of physicists discovered that Europa—one of Jupiter’s moons—had a magnetic field. Flash forward to today where Dr. Kivelson is now a co-investigator working on an instrument that will be used for the Europa Clipper mission. This spacecraft, scheduled to launch around 2022, will study the habitability of Europa, Jupiter’s “ocean moon.” Continue reading →
  8. The Phenomenon of Magnetic Reconnection

    The Phenomenon of Magnetic Reconnection
    Our sun’s surface is a volatile place, to say the least. A mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic, nuclear furnace that churns out some of the hottest plasmic substances in the galaxy. All of this superheated matter gives off energy as well as creates super powerful magnetic fields. During a solar flare, the sun heats elements like hydrogen to its plasma state, causing its magnetism to go into overdrive, which leads to magnetic reconnection. Continue reading →
  9. Solar Flares and Earth’s Magnetic Field

    Solar Flares and Earth’s Magnetic Field
    A few weeks ago, the sun produced a simply massive solar flare. This solar flare turned out to be so powerful that it left our home planet’s magnetic field less than intact. Continue reading →
  10. The Magnetic Surface of Mars

    The Magnetic Surface of Mars
    Mars has been a popular source of intrigue over the past ten years. Thoughts of colonizing, or at the very least visiting, the red planet have been all over the news. However, one major hurdle to overcome is the martian magnetic field. Unlike other planets such as Earth, Mars does not have single-source magnetic field, but rather, it pulls from many smaller sources to generate a much weaker atmosphere. Continue reading →

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