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  1. Oceanic Magnetism and Earth's Magnetic Field

    Oceanic Magnetism and Earth's Magnetic Field
    The ocean is a terrifying place (exhibit A), but it sure is fascinating. With so many mysteries hidden in its depths, it’s sometimes surprising that we know anything about this mass that covers 71% of our planet. For instance, have you ever heard of oceanic magnetism? Well, read on! Continue reading →
  2. Solar Wind & the Satellite Superhighway

    Solar Wind & the Satellite Superhighway
    According to a recently developed 3D mathematical model that describes the magnetic field around geosynchronous satellites, solar storms and solar wind have a larger impact on Earth’s magnetic field than researchers initially thought.   Continue reading →
  3. Black Holes and Their Overestimated Magnetism

    Black Holes and Their Overestimated Magnetism
    Nothing escapes from black holes. Even light is absorbed by their powerful pull. Scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics estimate that the Milky Way contains a few hundred million black holes of varying sizes, and we learned that supermassive black holes surrounded by coronas are the largest type known to mankind. However, it turns out that early estimates of the strength of black holes were more inaccurate than scientists thought. Continue reading →
  4. The NASA SOFIA Observatory

    The NASA SOFIA Observatory
    The NASA SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) isn’t just an average observatory. It’s actually the world's largest airborne astronomical observatory and it works hand-in-hand with not only NASA’s space telescopes but also some major land-based telescopes. Continue reading →
  5. Magnetic Fields: Secret Galactic Heroes

    Magnetic Fields:  Secret Galactic Heroes
    Poor magnetic fields. They tend to get overshadowed by bigger, more powerful celestial bodies and phenomena like black holes, colliding galaxies, and the Big Bang. However, this force quite literally hold the galaxy together. Magnetic fields are the true heroes of the galaxy and it’s about time they get the recognition that they deserve. Continue reading →
  6. Meet the Magnetar

    Meet the Magnetar
    October is obviously a spooky time (because of Halloween and all that) so, we’re hoping this blog will give you a little fright. After that, it’s back to your regularly scheduled magnetic news and such. In this blog, we’re discussing one of the scariest celestial bodies in the known universe - the magnetar. Continue reading →
  7. Exploring The Mars Magnetotail

    Exploring The Mars Magnetotail
    Research presented at the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society’s Division for Planetary Sciences has drawn our attention to Mars’ unique magnetic tail and the way magnetic fields, both on the planet and from solar winds, are affecting the tail’s movements. The Mars magnetotail might even provide insights into future colonization efforts on the red planet.  Continue reading →
  8. Magnetic Fields and Your Beer

    Magnetic Fields and Your Beer
    Scientists have been tackling the world’s most difficult problems for centuries. However, one still baffled them—until now, that is. The challenge: stopping fresh, unshaken beer from overflowing once opened. What? That doesn’t sound like a pressing scientific issue? We beg to differ! Especially since the solution involves magnets. Continue reading →
  9. Thank Nickel for Earth’s Magnetic Field

    Thank Nickel for Earth’s Magnetic Field
    Earth’s core is mostly comprised of molten iron, a ferromagnetic element. However, iron alone does not make for a great magnetic field. It turns out iron gets some pretty crucial help from an old, elementary fried—nickel. Continue reading →
  10. Geomagnetic Storm over US

    Geomagnetic Storm over US
    While last month’s solar eclipse was an unforgettable events for many Americans, most didn’t realize the sun had another trick up its sleeve. The first week of September saw a massive geomagnetic storm raging over the northern United States and southern Canada.  While the storm proved harmless to people and electrical grids, it did treat many to a rare sighting of the northern lights, or aurora borealis. Continue reading →

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