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  1. Felix Bloch: Contributions to Magnetism

    Felix Bloch: Contributions to Magnetism
    Felix Bloch was a Swiss-American physicist and Nobel Prize winner who developed a technique for observing magnetism in nuclear particles. This would later be referred to as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR,) and would lay a foundation for diagnostic medicine, like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI.) Below, we're exploring the late Bloch’s contributions to NMR and MRI and their relation to magnetism.  Continue reading →
  2. Carl Friedrich Gauss: Contributions to Magnetism

    Carl Friedrich Gauss: Contributions to Magnetism
    In addition to being a brilliant mathematician, astronomer, and physicist, Carl Friedrich Gauss was also a pioneer in the fields of magnetism and electricity. His contributions over his lifetime of knowledge have even led him to be honored as one of the most influential mathematicians to this day. Below, we’ll cover a few of his accomplishments in relation to magnetism (as we can’t cover all his accomplishments in one blog post!): Continue reading →
  3. Tate Features Pioneering Greek Sculptor’s Magnetic Work

    Tate Features Pioneering Greek Sculptor’s Magnetic Work
    Greek sculptor Takis -- born Panayuitis Vassilakis -- is a nonagenarian (a person who is between 90 to 99 years old!) and is the subject of an art exhibition opening on July 3 at Tate Modern in London. Why are we sharing this?  His work is about magnetism!  About Takis Works Takis was an avant-garde artist of the ‘50s and...
  4. Magnetic Personalities: William Gilbert

    Magnetic Personalities: William Gilbert
    Acknowledged by many as being the father of electricity and magnetism, William Gilbert is probably best known for his work on magnetism and studying the earth’s magnetic forces. Gilbert is credited as one of the first people to use the term “electricity” and was one of the first to find evidence proving Copernicus’s assertion that the earth isn’t a fixed point at the center of the galaxy. Read more about this fascinating and, dare we say, magnetic scientist here: Continue reading →
  5. Marvelous Magnetic Super Villains

    Marvelous Magnetic Super Villains
    While we at Apex strive to only use our magnetic powers for good, the same cannot be said of everyone. In a previous blog, we discussed some of our favorite ways superheroes have used or encountered magnetism, and while most of us are familiar with Magneto, there are many more malevolent magnetic masterminds. Continue reading →
  6. Magnetic Personalities: Magnes the Shepherd

    Magnetic Personalities: Magnes the Shepherd
    Magnes the Shepherd might be the very first of the Magnetic Personalities! Origin stories were popular in numerous ancient cultures and it seems like every aspect of human life has a legend associated with it. This is particularly true of the ancient Greeks. Pandora’s Box explains how evil came into the world. Your voice’s echo is really just a mountain nymph responding to you. Even the passing of the seasons is tied up with the story of Demeter and her daughter Persephone. Continue reading →
  7. Magnetic Personalities: Franz Mesmer

    Magnetic Personalities: Franz Mesmer
    Today, we use the phrase “animal magnetism” as a figure of speech. It’s often used to convey someone’s congeniality or attractiveness. Believe us, when we’re looking for the latest magnetic news, it can get a little tricky with all of the metaphorical headlines. However, this wasn’t always the case. The term “animal magnetism” was coined in a very literal sense by Austrian physician, Franz Mesmer (hence the term mesmerizing). Although his ideas were a little (ok, really) outlandish, Mesmer paved the way for a lot solid magnetic research. Continue reading →
  8. Magnetic Personalities: Neil deGrasse Tyson

    Magnetic Personalities: Neil deGrasse Tyson
    An astrophysicist by trade, Neil deGrasse Tyson has become something of a pop culture icon over the past few years. He is perhaps best known for acclaimed miniseries Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, which was a revisioning of his mentor Carl Sagan’s program of the same name. Tyson’s long and accomplished career, coupled with his celebrity have made him and ambassador for science to curious people of all ages. Continue reading →
  9. Magneto Through the Years

    Magneto Through the Years
    We’re talking about one really magnetic personality today, who has had a significant impact on the scientific community. Magneto of the X-Men! Not what you were expecting? This mutant has a superpower that we at Apex Magnets find very…attractive. The magnetic mutant has appeared in over 4,500 comic issues as well as TV shows, and movies. He’s certainly an old hat in the Marvel universe. Continue reading →
  10. Magnetic Personalities: Mary Fairfax Somerville

    Magnetic Personalities: Mary Fairfax Somerville
    Sometimes we need a reminder that a strong sense of self-discipline and curiosity can lead to great scientific discovery. Mary Fairfax Somerville, the 19th century “Queen of Science” who gained recognition as a self-taught science writer after the publication of her Mechanism of the Heavens in 1831, exemplifies this notion. Continue reading →

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