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  1. Magnetic Personalities: Amy Watterson

    Magnetic Personalities: Amy Watterson
    As a young female engineer, MIT’s Amy Watterson is paving the way for future female scientists to play a role in important scientific research. Learn more about Watterson and her work in fusion research in our latest magnetic personalities piece!  Continue reading →
  2. Magnetic Personalities: Robert Bosch

    Magnetic Personalities: Robert Bosch
    Along with founding the Robert Bosch Gmbh Corporation, which you may recognize from your kitchen appliances, Robert Bosch made major contributions in the electrical engineering field in the early 1900s. In the scientific community, he’s best known for his adaptation of magnetos to vehicle engines, which was a groundbreaking discovery for the automotive industry. It’s safe to say Bosch had a big influence on the magnetic world — keep reading to see how his discoveries relate to modern magnets today! Continue reading →
  3. Magnetic Personalities: Andre-Marie Ampere

    Magnetic Personalities: Andre-Marie Ampere
    You may already be familiar with our latest magnetic personality feature as his last name, ampere — better known as just “amp”— is still used to describe the unit for measuring an electric current. Andre-Marie Ampere achieved great things during his lifetime in the field of magnetism, even founding and naming what we know today as electromagnetism. The more we learn about the pioneers of magnetism and related sciences, the more we can appreciate and understand it in our everyday lives. Continue reading →
  4. Magnetic Personalities: Joseph Henry

    Magnetic Personalities: Joseph Henry
    Joseph Henry had a huge impact within the magnetic world during the 19th century. His accolades include his research that led to the first electromagnetic motor and the construction of strong, practical electromagnets. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In order to understand how he got there, we first need to learn about the man behind the magnets.  Continue reading →
  5. Magnetic Personality: Wilhelm Weber

    Magnetic Personality: Wilhelm Weber
    Do you know how to measure magnetic flux? The unit of measurement to describe magnetic flux is a “weber.” You may not have known, but this unit is a tribute to Wilhelm Weber, a truly magnetic personality from the early 1800s who had a hand in some of the most significant breakthroughs within magnetism and electricity.  Continue reading →
  6. Magnetic Personalities: Heinrich Hertz

    Magnetic Personalities: Heinrich Hertz
    Anyone who’s taken a science class has heard of “Hertz.” To refresh your memory, Hertz is the unit of frequency, with a cycle per second equally 1 hertz. The man behind the name is Heinrich Rudolf Hertz — a German physicist who discovered radio waves that had a tremendous impact on the world in the 20th century.  Continue reading →
  7. Magnetic Personalities: Jólan van der Wiel

    Magnetic Personalities: Jólan van der Wiel
    When thinking of magnetic applications, your mind may go to experiments and scientific discoveries. But what about art? Since 2011, Dutch designer Jólan van der Wiel has been using the power of magnets to create art, architecture, and fashion, showing the world that the uses of magnets are truly endless. Read about Jólan van der Wiel and his magnetic work below!  Continue reading →
  8. Magnetic Personalities: Suzanne McEnroe

    Magnetic Personalities: Suzanne McEnroe
    Researcher Suzanne McEnroe is the epitome of a magnetic personality-- you don’t have to just take our word for it though as she received the William Gilbert Award in 2019 for “outstanding and unselfish work in magnetism of Earth materials and of the Earth and planets.” Her leadership in research has been integral in understanding mineral magnetism, paleomagnetic field records, and geomagnetic field anomalies, to name a few. Continue reading →
  9. Felix Bloch: Contributions to Magnetism

    Felix Bloch: Contributions to Magnetism
    Felix Bloch was a Swiss-American physicist and Nobel Prize winner who developed a technique for observing magnetism in nuclear particles. This would later be referred to as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR,) and would lay a foundation for diagnostic medicine, like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI.) Below, we're exploring the late Bloch’s contributions to NMR and MRI and their relation to magnetism.  Continue reading →
  10. Carl Friedrich Gauss: Contributions to Magnetism

    Carl Friedrich Gauss: Contributions to Magnetism
    In addition to being a brilliant mathematician, astronomer, and physicist, Carl Friedrich Gauss was also a pioneer in the fields of magnetism and electricity. His contributions over his lifetime of knowledge have even led him to be honored as one of the most influential mathematicians to this day. Below, we’ll cover a few of his accomplishments in relation to magnetism (as we can’t cover all his accomplishments in one blog post!): Continue reading →

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