1. Magnetic Fields Help Form Planets

    Magnetic Fields Help Form Planets
    Have you ever wondered how planets form? So have scientists! Until now, scientists haven’t been able to figure out a solid reasoning for the creation of our solar system. In a recent study, a computer simulation shows that magnetism may be the "missing ingredient" in the recipe to make a planet that scientists have been searching for.  Continue reading →
  2. Magnetic Personalities: Robert Bosch

    Magnetic Personalities: Robert Bosch
    Along with founding the Robert Bosch Gmbh Corporation, which you may recognize from your kitchen appliances, Robert Bosch made major contributions in the electrical engineering field in the early 1900s. In the scientific community, he’s best known for his adaptation of magnetos to vehicle engines, which was a groundbreaking discovery for the automotive industry. It’s safe to say Bosch had a big influence on the magnetic world — keep reading to see how his discoveries relate to modern magnets today! Continue reading →
  3. Manipulating Magnets at an Atomic Level

    Manipulating Magnets at an Atomic Level
    We already know that magnets are found all around us from the obvious fridge magnets to being in many day-to-day appliances and in cloud storage data, such as Google or Amazon!  This fall, a team of researchers created a way to examine electronic spins within magnets at almost the atomic level — you can read all about it here — showing promising potential in small-level magnetism. Recently, another team of researchers was able to not only measure but manipulate magnets at an atomic level.  Continue reading →
  4. How Benefit is Using the Power of Magnetism in Their Mascara 

    How Benefit is Using the Power of Magnetism in Their Mascara 
    When you think about the power of magnetism, makeup is probably not your first thought. But Benefit Cosmetics’ latest product might change your mind. The makeup company launched a new product as an addition to one of their most popular lines—They’re Real! Mascara — changing the game when it comes to the integration of science and mascara. Is it all a gimmick though? Or will this innovative mascara set a new standard for magnetism in makeup? Let’s check out the benefits (get it?). Continue reading →
  5. The Production of Rare Earth Minerals Throughout the Years

    The Production of Rare Earth Minerals Throughout the Years
    Did you know that some rare earth minerals, such as neodymium, are actually not rare? Rare earth minerals are called “rare” because it is very likely to find them in a pure form — in fact, there are deposits of them all over the world. Because of their abundance, rare earth minerals have played, and will continue to play, an integral role in multiple industries, such as high-tech and renewable energy companies. From early use, till now, and to the future, the production of rare earth minerals are key in multiple transformative products.  Continue reading →
  6. Upcoming Industries That Will Use Rare Earth Minerals

    Upcoming Industries That Will Use Rare Earth Minerals
    The rare earth minerals industry is growing tremendously as more and more upcoming industries are using rare earth minerals. According to Global Market Insights, rare earth minerals will be used in many upcoming industries due to the “growing product demand across Asia-Pacific, increasing adoption of magnets, and global shift towards clean energy.” Because of this, rare earth minerals will monopolize 25% of the minerals produced.  Here are some examples of industries that will promote the growth of the rare earth minerals industry: Continue reading →
  7. Geomagnetic Jerks

    Geomagnetic Jerks
    At Apex, we cover all types of magnetic news and discoveries from the Moon’s magnetism to aquatic robots activated by magnets. But there’s one phenomenon we haven't been able to fully understand and talk about—until now — geomagnetic jerks. In a recent blog, we discussed how there’s a “dent” in Earth’s magnetic field, called the South Atlantic Anomaly, which is essentially a weak spot in the magnetic field. The radiation caused by this anomaly poses a threat to our satellites and their onboard computers while moving through this spot —but, it’s not the only strange occurrence resulting from the magnetic field. Enter the jerks— geomagnetic jerks, that is. These are abrupt changes in the strength of Earth's magnetic field, resulting in pulses that, like the anomaly, can compromise our satellites.  Continue reading →
  8. Magnetic Personalities: Joseph Henry

    Magnetic Personalities: Joseph Henry
    Joseph Henry had a huge impact within the magnetic world during the 19th century. His accolades include his research that led to the first electromagnetic motor and the construction of strong, practical electromagnets. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In order to understand how he got there, we first need to learn about the man behind the magnets.  Continue reading →
  9. Magnet Myths: Questions About Magnets With the Real Answers

    Magnet Myths: Questions About Magnets With the Real Answers
    People are constantly publishing and consuming information online, so it’s no wonder that you may hear differing opinions on the same topic. While we can’t dispel all misinformation, we’re doing another round of “magnet myths'' to set some things straight! You can read the first part in this blog post and then scroll below to see if you know if these magnetic statements are fact or myth.  Continue reading →
  10. The Long Relationship Between the Moon and Magnetism

    The Long Relationship Between the Moon and Magnetism
    While the moon doesn’t have its own magnetic field—anymore—the moon and magnetism do go hand in hand. From meteors, plasmas, and the moon being part of Earth once, there have been a lot of discoveries in terms of the moon and magnetism! Here, we’re rounding up the articles we’ve written on the topic.  Continue reading →

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