1. Magnetic Personalities: William Gilbert

    Magnetic Personalities: William Gilbert
    Acknowledged by many as being the father of electricity and magnetism, William Gilbert is probably best known for his work on magnetism and studying the earth’s magnetic forces. Gilbert is credited as one of the first people to use the term “electricity” and was one of the first to find evidence proving Copernicus’s assertion that the earth isn’t a fixed point at the center of the galaxy. Read more about this fascinating and, dare we say, magnetic scientist here: Continue reading →
  2. 3D Printed Material Controlled by Magnets

    3D Printed Material Controlled by Magnets
    Just when you think 3D printing couldn’t get any more interesting, a team of engineers from MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering joined forces with New Jersey Institute of Technology to create 3D-printed structures that can be manipulated by magnets to move and shift shapes. Continue reading →
  3. Lightsabers: The Magnetic Truth

    Lightsabers: The Magnetic Truth
    Star Wars fans rejoice! Scientists are theorizing how to make fictional lightsabers a reality. Jedis throughout the sci-fi series wield a lightsaber, complex weapon comprised of a focusing ring, main hilt, blade emitter, pommel cap, hand grip, controls, energy core, and, most importantly, a blue or red kyber crystal. Continue reading →
  4. Hawaii Volcano Has Weird Magnetic Field

    Hawaii Volcano Has Weird Magnetic Field
    We’re not using “magnetism” in the metaphorical sense, the Hawaii volcano Kilauea is doing something pretty strange. Over the past month, the extremely active shield volcano has caused countless damage on Hawaii’s largest island of the same name. Continue reading →
  5. Magnets in Video Tape: Turning Iron Particles into Visuals

    Magnets in Video Tape: Turning Iron Particles into Visuals
    In the 1970s, VHS waged a videotape formatting war with the now defunct Betamax, much like the competition between DVD and Blu-Ray within the last decade. VHS may have won out in the end thanks to its affordability, but the format has since been pushed to the limits with today’s streaming, digital, and Blu-Ray technology.  Still, VHS technology isn’t completely obsolete –– or, at least, not yet. It’s true the last manufacturer of VCFS ceased production in 2016 after the industry sold about 750,000 units the year before. As for blank VHS tapes, you can still find them on the bottom shelf at a number of electronic stores.  While the ever-rolling train of technological revolution leads us to abandon certain products in favor of “the next best thing,” we can’t help but mourn the decline of VHS since these tapes really go the distance when it comes to creatively harnessing the power of magnetism.  Continue reading →
  6. Earth’s Magnetic Field is Actually a Solar-Wind Shredder

    Earth’s Magnetic Field is Actually a Solar-Wind Shredder
    At one point in time, Mars – arguably the most similar planet to Earth in our solar system –  wasn’t the frozen desert we know today. In fact, researchers suggest that oceans and rivers once existed on its surface before solar winds from the Sun completely wiped them out. Continue reading →
  7. Magnetic Concrete Could Enable Electric Cars to Drive Indefinitely

    Magnetic Concrete Could Enable Electric Cars to Drive Indefinitely
    As early as the 19th century, electric cars were primed to take over the automotive industry and change the face of travel forever, specifically when it came to speed. In fact, an electric car held the land speed record until the early 20th century.  However, for the rest of the 1900s, the popularity of electric cars waned, stagnating the progress of electric vehicle technology. In the past two decades, the industry has begun to make a resurgence, but it still has major drawbacks. Similarly to their gas-powered counterparts having to stop and refuel, electric cars have to stop and recharge. Wouldn’t it be great if electric cars were like the latest cell phones though? You could park them on any surface, and they would charge wirelessly –– no cables, no outlets. This is a concept German startup Magment has turned into a reality. Magment’s product, also called “magment,” allows for dynamic charging so that electric cars can recharge while in motion. Theoretically, under the right conditions, you could drive from New York to Los Angeles without making a single pit stop.  Continue reading →
  8. Magnetic Refrigeration is Pretty Cool!

    Magnetic Refrigeration is Pretty Cool!
    We’ve been telling you magnets are cool for years now, but could magnets soon be replacing our refrigerator technology? With new findings from the researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory, magnetic refrigeration could be on the horizon. Continue reading →
  9. Oceanic Magnetism and Earth's Magnetic Field

    Oceanic Magnetism and Earth's Magnetic Field
    The ocean is a terrifying place (exhibit A), but it sure is fascinating. With so many mysteries hidden in its depths, it’s sometimes surprising that we know anything about this mass that covers 71% of our planet. For instance, have you ever heard of oceanic magnetism? Well, read on! Continue reading →
  10. Marvelous Magnetic Super Villains

    Marvelous Magnetic Super Villains
    While we at Apex strive to only use our magnetic powers for good, the same cannot be said of everyone. In a previous blog, we discussed some of our favorite ways superheroes have used or encountered magnetism, and while most of us are familiar with Magneto, there are many more malevolent magnetic masterminds. Continue reading →

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