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  1. Fast and Furious 9: Far-fetched Concepts of Electromagnetism

    Fast and Furious 9: Far-fetched Concepts of Electromagnetism
    The latest installment of the Fast and Furious franchise — Fast and Furious 9 — takes its reputation for daring (unrealistic) action scenes and really kicks it up a notch. It’s no longer “just” jumping from skyscraper to skyscraper in a car or cars parachuting from planes, now it’s space launches and an electromagnet attached to a plane that can literally pick a plummeting car right out of a free fall. But, hey — that’s the fun of movies, right? Go big or go home. We’re here for it, but we need to clear a few things up.  Continue reading →
  2. Magnets in Bladesmithing

    Magnets in Bladesmithing
    Originally on the History Channel, Forged in Fire, has been taking over Netflix with its cutthroat competition between bladesmiths. Each episode has the bladesmiths recreate historical edged weapons — from Roman Gladius, Viking battle axes, Napoleon’s saber, and more.  What caught our attention here at Apex is their use of magnets during their heat treating so we're diving into the why, how, and “does it actually work,” below!  Continue reading →
  3. How Magnetism Has Been Misinterpreted in Pop Culture

    How Magnetism Has Been Misinterpreted in Pop Culture
    While we at Apex Magnets love to learn about how magnetism and rare earth magnets are being used for various real-world applications, we’re also intrigued when magnetism has been worked into popular culture. From movies and shows like Stranger Things to supervillains’ and superheroes’ powers, it’s exciting when magnetism is the thread that connects these memorable storylines and characters.  Though...
  4. Lightsabers: The Magnetic Truth

    Lightsabers: The Magnetic Truth
    Star Wars fans rejoice! Scientists are theorizing how to make fictional lightsabers a reality. Jedis throughout the sci-fi series wield a lightsaber, complex weapon comprised of a focusing ring, main hilt, blade emitter, pommel cap, hand grip, controls, energy core, and, most importantly, a blue or red kyber crystal. Continue reading →
  5. Marvelous Magnetic Super Villains

    Marvelous Magnetic Super Villains
    While we at Apex strive to only use our magnetic powers for good, the same cannot be said of everyone. In a previous blog, we discussed some of our favorite ways superheroes have used or encountered magnetism, and while most of us are familiar with Magneto, there are many more malevolent magnetic masterminds. Continue reading →
  6. Magneto Through the Years

    Magneto Through the Years
    We’re talking about one really magnetic personality today, who has had a significant impact on the scientific community. Magneto of the X-Men! Not what you were expecting? This mutant has a superpower that we at Apex Magnets find very…attractive. The magnetic mutant has appeared in over 4,500 comic issues as well as TV shows, and movies. He’s certainly an old hat in the Marvel universe. Continue reading →
  7. Magnetic Fields: Secret Galactic Heroes

    Magnetic Fields:  Secret Galactic Heroes
    Poor magnetic fields. They tend to get overshadowed by bigger, more powerful celestial bodies and phenomena like black holes, colliding galaxies, and the Big Bang. However, this force quite literally hold the galaxy together. Magnetic fields are the true heroes of the galaxy and it’s about time they get the recognition that they deserve. Continue reading →
  8. Stranger Things and Magnetic Fields

    Stranger Things and Magnetic Fields
    Warning! This post may contain spoilers! Last July, Netflix released the first season of the instantly popular Stranger Things. Set in 1983, the eight-part show features a number of odd occurrences in the town of Hawkins, Indiana. There are plant monsters from other dimensions, telepathic tweens, and a menacing government agency bent on keeping it all under wraps. Continue reading →
  9. Gilmore Girls Team Magnets

    Gilmore Girls Team Magnets
    The end of November can’t come soon enough for a lot of people this year and not just because of Thanksgiving. This year Gilmore Girl fans are getting a treat they haven’t had since 2007: brand new episodes. On November 25th, the day after Thanksgiving, viewers will be treated to leftovers and four one-hour episodes of “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.” Gilmore Girls seems to be one of the hottest topics around at the moment so to help you join in on the fun, we have the best way for you to rock some Gilmore Girls pride! Continue reading →
  10. Magnets Are Cool: 3 Magnetic Moments from Doctor Who

    Magnets Are Cool: 3 Magnetic Moments from Doctor Who
    If you’re unfamiliar with the ultra-popular BBC scifi show, Doctor Who, the series follows the unnamed Doctor travelling through space and time in his blue box (TARDIS) and saving the universe time and time again. Like many science fiction series, Doctor Who employs a lot of imaginative, if not inconceivable, technology. There’s the TARDIS itself, which any Whovian will tell you is bigger on the inside; the Doctor’s trusty sonic screwdriver that’s capable of unlocking almost any door; and psychic paper that shows the reader exactly what they want to see. Yes, the tech in Doctor Who is what you’d expect from a show about time travel and aliens. This piqued our interest. Surely there had to be some instances of magnetism in its historic 50 years on air! We’ve searched space and time to bring you our favorite magnets from Doctor Who: Continue reading →

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