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  1. May the Fourth be with You: The “Force” of Magnets

    May the Fourth be with You: The “Force” of Magnets
    Every geek, science lover, movie enthusiast, and anyone not living under a rock knows that Star Wars Day is May the Fourth! Even if you don’t believe in Lucas’ mystical ‘force’, there is a very real invisible force that we encounter everyday-Earth’s magnetic force. Like the power of the Jedi and Sith, magnetic fields are invisible and magnets possess an invisible but nevertheless powerful force. Magnetism is so powerful that it protects us by preventing space particles and other harmful obstacles from crashing into the Earth’s surface. It is also responsible for many cool scientific phenomenons. In honor of May the Fourth, we have compiled four of our favorite examples of the magnetic force in action. Continue reading →
  2. Pop Culture Loves Magnetism

    Pop Culture Loves Magnetism
    Not everybody is an expert on rare Earth magnets or can tell the difference between neodymium magnets and samarium cobalt magnets.

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