1. Magnetic Podcast Episodes

    Magnetic Podcast Episodes
    Are you an avid podcast listener? We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting episodes on magnetism. These episodes from a variety of podcasts dive deep into magnetism, from explaining how magnetic fields work to why magnets even exist. Throw one of these on during your commute and let us know what you think!  The Science of Everything Podcast This...
  2. A “Weird” Magnet Shouldn’t Exist, But It Does

    A “Weird” Magnet Shouldn’t Exist, But It Does
    After being theorized for decades, a material known as USb2 — a uranium and antimony compound—was found to be magnetic despite its singlet-based properties. Its magnetism has also been experimentally proven to exist in reasonable temperatures compared to the extremely cold temperatures it was once tested in. What’s significant about this? This new magnetic material may change the game in information storage for computers based on its ability to transition from magnetized to not in seconds. Weird. Continue reading →
  3. DIY Magnetic Calendar

    DIY Magnetic Calendar
    With the new year on the horizon, it’s time to begin planning! Preparing for a brand new year can feel stressful but it doesn’t have to be when you have everything in order. Having one place to arrange all of your events, appointments, and holiday engagements will keep you sane. That’s where your DIY magnetic calendar comes into the picture! Keep your ducks in a row and craft this calendar for your refrigerator. Continue reading →
  4. Easy Classroom Demonstrations with Magnets

    Easy Classroom Demonstrations with Magnets
    Explaining the science of magnets to students can be difficult. Hearing the words come out of a teacher’s mouth is one thing but actually seeing the way magnets interact with each other and other materials can really help drive the point home. These simple experiments with magnets will exhibit how magnets work while still keeping students’ attention. Continue reading →
  5. Super Strong Magnet Blows the Door Off a Laboratory

    Super Strong Magnet Blows the Door Off a Laboratory
    In a faraway secure room in central Tokyo, an electromagnet, when powered with an electrical current, generates a magnetic field capable of blowing open the heavy doors of the facility. This magnet has already created one of the most powerful magnetic fields on Earth and it only keeps getting stronger. The magnetic field recently reached a strength of 1,200 teslas (for reference, the most powerful MRIs in the world only clock in at 3 teslas). Continue reading →
  6. How Magnetism is Used for Industrial Ceramic Filtering

    How Magnetism is Used for Industrial Ceramic Filtering
    Traditional ceramics, or materials derived from naturally occurring clay minerals and quartz sand, are “almost as old as the human race.” Industrial ceramics, on the other hand, are inorganic, nonmetallic materials, “that exhibit such useful properties as high strength and hardness, high melting temperatures, chemical inertness, and low thermal and electrical conductivity but that also display brittleness and sensitivity to...
  7. A Rare-Earth Magnet Recycling Process Wins the 2018 Notable Technology Development Award

    A Rare-Earth Magnet Recycling Process Wins the 2018 Notable Technology Development Award
    We all know how important recycling is when it comes to protecting the earth. But did you know that recycling also has an economic component? To put it into perspective, think about rare earth metals. While you may not realize it, rare earth metals are a significant part of the technology we use on a daily basis: touchscreen phones, rechargeable batteries, and even computer hard drives. Continue reading →
  8. Tiny Magnets Save Shipwrecks

    Tiny Magnets Save Shipwrecks
    Of the famous shipwrecks in the world, not many have been able to be recovered from their watery graveyards. The RMS Titanic still rests 12,000 feet below the surface where she fell. The RMS Republic, sunk in 1909 with millions of dollars worth of treasure in its vaults after colliding with the SS Florida off the coast of Nantucket, still rests 250 feet under water. One famous wreck, however, has been raised from her resting place just north of the Isle of Wight: The Mary Rose. Her rise to the surface might just be her demise, though. Continue reading →
  9. The Human Magnetic Field: Is It Real?

    The Human Magnetic Field: Is It Real?
    You’ve heard the phrase “magnetic personalities” before, but are there actually magnetic people? You’ve probably seen videos circulating on the internet of people claiming to be magnetic. They place objects on their bodies only for them to hold their place rather than fall to the ground as one would expect. Are these “magnetic people” truly magnetic? Continue reading →
  10. Magnets in Signage: Four examples you see every day

    Magnets in Signage: Four examples you see every day
    Although you might not recognize it, magnets have a significant impact on the things we use on a daily basis. They’re used for a ton of products spanning a variety of different industries. We use them to hang notes and pictures on our refrigerators, to close the cabinets in our homes, and even to direct us through a hiking trail with our compasses. But what about signs? Many signs you encounter every day heavily depend on magnets. We’ll explore a few examples below. Continue reading →

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