1. Magnets Can Improve the Efficiency of AI

    Magnets Can Improve the Efficiency of AI
    Did you know that magnets can improve the efficiency of artificial intelligence (AI) to mimic human brain-like behavior? According to recent research by Purdue University, strong magnets can be used to emulate brain-like networks in robotic devices. As AI, as well as other machine learning systems, are becoming increasingly prevalent in many industries, the introduction of magnets into these machines could be revolutionary.  Continue reading →
  2. Manipulating Magnets at an Atomic Level

    Manipulating Magnets at an Atomic Level
    We already know that magnets are found all around us from the obvious fridge magnets to being in many day-to-day appliances and in cloud storage data, such as Google or Amazon!  This fall, a team of researchers created a way to examine electronic spins within magnets at almost the atomic level — you can read all about it here — showing promising potential in small-level magnetism. Recently, another team of researchers was able to not only measure but manipulate magnets at an atomic level.  Continue reading →
  3. Magnetic “Skin” Is Helping Robots to Feel

    Magnetic “Skin” Is Helping Robots to Feel
    After researching subtle changes in surrounding magnetic fields, a team of researchers from the City University of Hong Kong (CityU), South University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) of Pittsburgh has developed a new technology for robotic fingers. The fingertips have a soft tactile sensor with skin-comparable characteristics.  This discovery is believed to be a stepping stone into making ultra-sensitive prosthetic hands, as well as other applications in the robotics field. One of the most interesting findings is that by having this sensor at robots’ fingertips, they will accomplish “human” tasks that are challenging, such as gripping fragile objects, threading a needle, and more.  Continue reading →
  4. More on Magnetic Poles and Industry Standards

    More on Magnetic Poles and Industry Standards
    Truthfully, most of us know the bare minimum about magnetic poles. We know there are two of them — North and South poles — and that opposites attract. Some of us may even know that this is referred to as magnetic dipole (di meaning two). But what are magnetic poles really?  Simply put, magnetics poles are the surfaces from which invisible magnetic field lines of magnetic flux emit and connect -- leaving the North end of a magnet to enter the South end. If you’re going to be using magnets regularly, especially as an effort to streamline, organize, or otherwise improve your business, continue reading to understand more about poles.  Continue reading →
  5. Magnetic Podcast Episodes

    Magnetic Podcast Episodes
    Are you an avid podcast listener? We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting episodes on magnetism. These episodes from a variety of podcasts dive deep into magnetism, from explaining how magnetic fields work to why magnets even exist. Throw one of these on during your commute and let us know what you think!  The Science of Everything Podcast This...
  6. Magnet Accessories

    Magnet Accessories
    You know we sell strong permanent neodymium magnets, but that’s not all! Along with magnets, we also sell magnet accessories to use at work, at home, or just for fun. Read more about the uses for these attractive products below.  On the Job Magnetic Shop Floor Sweeper Quickly and easily clear floors of ferrous metal debris with this magnetic sweeper...
  7. A “Weird” Magnet Shouldn’t Exist, But It Does

    A “Weird” Magnet Shouldn’t Exist, But It Does
    After being theorized for decades, a material known as USb2 — a uranium and antimony compound—was found to be magnetic despite its singlet-based properties. Its magnetism has also been experimentally proven to exist in reasonable temperatures compared to the extremely cold temperatures it was once tested in. What’s significant about this? This new magnetic material may change the game in information storage for computers based on its ability to transition from magnetized to not in seconds. Weird. Continue reading →
  8. Could A Helium Shortage Affect Magnets?

    Could A Helium Shortage Affect Magnets?
    Did you know that many experts say that there is a shortage of helium? The U.S. has been the biggest supplier of liquid for some time and the National Helium Reserve houses a majority of the Earth’s helium. As the abundance of helium depletes though, some scientists are worried about how the growing demand and limited supply will affect us. According to recent reports, the demand for helium is expected to increase 2 to 3 percent as industries like electronics and healthcare increase their usage of it. Continue reading →
  9. Motivational Magnets to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

    Motivational Magnets to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions
    Around this time every year, we set our New Year’s resolutions. And although we may start out with a strong determination to keep them, many of us fail by the end of the year. In fact, according to research from the University of Scranton, 60% of New Year’s resolutions fail. However, we’re not trying to discourage you from setting resolutions. Instead, we have a few ideas for how you can push yourself to keep them, all year. One of the keys to completing your goals for 2015 is to stay motivated and committed. And one way to stay motivated is by reminding yourself each day to keep going. For those of you that are determined to meet your 2015 resolutions, here’s an idea━create DIY motivation magnets and place them all around your home as a friendly reminder to stick with it. Learn how to make them below. Continue reading →
  10. 10 Magnet Facts To Help Your Brain Get Fit in 2015

    10 Magnet Facts To Help Your Brain Get Fit in 2015
    While you’re working out at the gym in the coming year, don’t forget to work out one of the most important muscles in your body━your brain. (For the record, your brain isn’t technically a muscle by itself.) However, like a muscle, your brain gets stronger as you use it more often. In honor of getting your brain fit for the new year, we have compiled a list of magnet facts to get you started. Continue reading →

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