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  1. DIY Magnetic Cheese Board

    DIY Magnetic Cheese Board
    It’s likely that you’ve never thought to purchase a magnetic cheese board, but Apex Magnets is here to tell you why this is a must-have item when hosting a happy hour, birthday party, or any other celebration at your home.  There are a few different types of magnetic cheese boards — some have magnets in the base of the board, while others use magnets or a magnetic strip on a wedge of wood attached to the board — but the purpose is the same: to hold your cheese knives. This way, you aren’t prone to losing a utensil from your set or having any accidentally fall to the floor while people are grabbing their hor oeuvres. Continue reading →
  2. Salt Dough Magnet DIY

    Salt Dough Magnet DIY
    You may have heard of using salt dough to create homemade ornaments, but this DIY is fun any time of the year thanks to the addition of adhesive magnets! Whether you want to hold up mail on the fridge, make a chore chart, or decorate parts of your house with little trinkets, you’ll love this magnetic DIY. While this is a great family-friendly activity, only adults should handle the magnets.  Continue reading →
  3. Spreading Joy With Magnetic Kindness Rocks

    Spreading Joy With Magnetic Kindness Rocks
    The past year has been uncharacteristically difficult for a lot of people. It’s times like these where we need to spread positivity and uplift each other even more. One fun way to do that is by making kindness rocks! You may have heard of this viral trend before as The Kindness Rocks Project, where people paint stones and leave them to be found and collected by others. The intent was to bring a smile to someone’s face when they discovered a colorful rock with an inspirational message on it.  We’ll teach you how to make your own magnetic kindness rock to spread little reminders of happiness around your home. Remember, this DIY is perfect for all ages—but when crafting with children be sure an adult is present. Continue reading →
  4. Magnets and Weddings DIY Roundup

    Magnets and Weddings DIY Roundup
    Magnets can be incredibly helpful to someone who is planning a wedding! They’re discreet, so they don’t take away from the ambiance of the day, and they’re perfect for crafts and DIYS, which are a staple at any wedding celebration. That’s why, before you walk down the aisle or wait at the end of it, you should read through the following magnets and wedding DIY roundup: Continue reading →
  5. DIY Magnetic Key Hooks Using Self Adhesive Magnets

    DIY Magnetic Key Hooks Using Self Adhesive Magnets
    We love DIYs that allow you to make the most of cool thrift store finds or some of the forgotten items in your home. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! Upcycling is not only good for the environment but also for your bank account — as a bonus, the vintage style is popular for decorating right now. If you have any old skeleton keys around, this DIY will help you turn ‘em into fashionable home decor hooks that can hold your car keys, house keys, and more by using self-adhesive magnets!  Continue reading →
  6. 5 Easy Magnetic Crafts and Hacks For Around the House

    5 Easy Magnetic Crafts and Hacks For Around the House
    It’s amazing what a few minutes and some magnets can do to have you on your way to living a bit more organized. Below you’ll find four magnetic hacks and DIYs for all over the house and office —we couldn’t keep it all serious, so we’ve included a fun DIY for you or the kids as well! Continue reading →
  7. DIY Minimalist Photo Stand

    DIY Minimalist Photo Stand
    You may have noticed that over the past few years, fashion and home decor have trended towards increasingly minimalist designs. Minimalist style is defined by one key principle: simplicity, including streamlined shapes and limited colors. When trying to pinpoint this trendy style, simplicity is the way to go! The best part? Since this style is so classic you won’t have to worry about keeping up with fleeting fashion trends—simple is always in style. And when you do want to switch things up, magnets can come in handy.  Continue reading →
  8. Two Easy and Interactive Fridge Magnet DIYs

    Two Easy and Interactive Fridge Magnet DIYs
    Bored? Want to add some color and fun to your fridge while you wait for your food to microwave? Here are two unique magnet ideas that are easy to make using polymer clay and a few other supplies. Both magnets are interactive and can be great learning tools for little ones to teach them about moon cycles and shapes!  Continue reading →

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