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  1. What Happens If...Magnet Edition

    What Happens If...Magnet Edition
    We can’t be the only ones who have wondered what happens to magnets when they’re put in abnormal circumstances. If you agree, or if you hadn’t thought of it, we’re sharing our findings with you so you don’t have to be kept up at night thinking about them.  Continue reading →
  2. How to Use Apex Magnets’ Popular Grid Size Feature

    How to Use Apex Magnets’ Popular Grid Size Feature
    Here at Apex, we have a lot of products. While that’s a great thing, we’ve heard your feedback about it being difficult to find the products you need. That’s why we created our popular grid size feature, accessible from the menu bar across the top of the page. Here, you’re able to search all of our popular neodymium magnets in...
  3. Magnets May Be The Key To Increased Hydrogen Production in Water Splitting

    Magnets May Be The Key To Increased Hydrogen Production in Water Splitting
    With rising pollution from burning fossil fuels and the need for energy steadily increasing, scientists and researchers are always looking for greener energy alternatives. A known “cleaner” alternative is hydrogen, though it still has its problems, from low-cost efficiency to releasing carbon dioxide. A study led by José Ramón Galán-Mascarós at the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ) may...
  4. How Leatherman© is Changing the Multitool Game with Neodymium Magnets

    How Leatherman© is Changing the Multitool Game with Neodymium Magnets
    At Apex Magnets, we’re always curious to see how companies are using magnets to improve the functionality of their products. We recently learned of Leatherman©’s newest multitool line-- the Leatherman© Free Collection, which is breaking the mold of traditional multitools. Gearheads, outdoorsmen, and handymen alike are getting especially excited over the Free P2 and P4’s versatility, packaging, and ease of use. Our favorite part of the multitools? The innovative use of magnets. Continue reading →
  5. The Great Magnetic Timeline

    The Great Magnetic Timeline
    The end of the year is always a time for nostalgia—looking back on the past 365 days and taking stock of everything that’s happened. At Apex, we’re no different. Continue reading →
  6. 2016 Magnet News Round-Up

    2016 Magnet News Round-Up
    2016 has certainly been a newsworthy year, and magnetism didn’t miss out. It seemed like every time we turned around, magnets were popping up somewhere in the world (or galaxy). So as the year draws to an end, we thought we’d take a look back on some of the most exciting and interesting pieces of magnetic news.   Continue reading →
  7. 4 Informational Magnet Videos

    4 Informational Magnet Videos
    As you buy and use neodymium magnets for different crafts and home improvement projects, you may develop some questions. For example, what’s the difference between axial and diametric magnetization? Or, how do you separate really strong magnets? Fortunately, the Apex Magnets YouTube Channel has all the answers. Continue reading →
  8. How We Ship Monster Magnets

    How We Ship Monster Magnets
    Shipping magnets ordinarily isn’t a problem. With proper packaging and timely delivery, we can have your Apex Magnet’s order at your door within two days. But when it comes to shipping large, powerful magnets, problems can arise as they travel from metal truck to metal truck. Our large neodymium magnets are capable of attracting metal through several layers of ordinary packing material. Instead of forcing your mail carrier to pry the magnetic package off the metal truck with a crowbar, we carefully pack our rare earth magnets such as the 6” x 2” disc magnet so they are more convenient for travel. Here’s how we do it: Continue reading →
  9. The Best Adhesives To Use With Neodymium Magnets

    The Best Adhesives To Use With Neodymium Magnets
    Frequently for DIY projects and crafts you will need to hold magnets in place using an adhesive. But what type of adhesive works best on neodymium magnets? Most types of strong glue or even strong tape will be effective when attaching magnets to various surfaces. As long as you don’t use hot glue, which uses heat causing magnets to lose their magnetism, you can’t really go wrong with adhesives for magnets. Here are a few types of adhesives crafters can use to secure neodymium magnets in place: Continue reading →
  10. How Are Neodymium Magnets Made?

    How Are Neodymium Magnets Made?
    Magnetism may interact with the Earth’s natural magnetic field, however, today’s magnets are not formed naturally. One of the only naturally occurring magnets is lodestone, but its magnet strength is too weak for use in practical applications. Modern magnets are much stronger, because they are created from alloys of ferromagnetic metals, which include: iron, nickel, cobalt and a few others. Ferromagnetism actually means the ability for certain materials to be magnetic or magnetized. Continue reading →

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