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  1. Using Magnets in Model Building

    Using Magnets in Model Building
    Model building, a popular hobby for those with high levels of patience, or for those who might want more patience, includes making small-scale or shrunken models of objects like cars and trucks, houses, planes, ships and boats, and more!  Continue reading →
  2. 3 Ways To Utilize Ceramic Magnets

    3 Ways To Utilize Ceramic Magnets
    In our opinion, ceramic magnets are one of the most overlooked and underappreciated magnets. Not only are they strong, but they are usually inexpensive, making them a smart purchase for business owners and individuals alike.  Continue reading →
  3. Organize Your Garage With Magnets

    Organize Your Garage With Magnets
    From holiday decor and gardening tool storage to full-on workshops, most garages are more than just storage spaces for cars. We’ve already shared how to organize your tools and such in your shed, so here are a few ways to use magnets in your garage for decor and small-item storage!  Continue reading →
  4. How Businesses Use Carabiner Hook Magnets

    How Businesses Use Carabiner Hook Magnets
    When people think about carabiners, they typically think of the steel and aluminum accessories used in rope-intensive adventure sports like rock climbing, repelling, spelunking, and sailing. But carabiners –– specifically magnetic carabiner hooks –– can also be used more practically in a variety of businesses like restaurants, construction, and window washing.  Carabiner Magnets in Restaurants A restaurant, or more specifically, a...
  5. Essentials of Arc Magnets

    Essentials of Arc Magnets
    With so many different types of magnets available, it’s good to know the differences between the types, and what they can all be used for. When looking at arc magnets, many think that with their curved shape, these magnets are only used by specialists. However, they’re actually one of the most commonly used types of magnets. Below, we're covering arc...
  6. Magnet Accessories

    Magnet Accessories
    You know we sell strong permanent neodymium magnets, but that’s not all! Along with magnets, we also sell magnet accessories to use at work, at home, or just for fun. Read more about the uses for these attractive products below.  On the Job Magnetic Shop Floor Sweeper Quickly and easily clear floors of ferrous metal debris with this magnetic sweeper...
  7. Uses for Apex’s Atypical Magnets

    Uses for Apex’s Atypical Magnets
    If you've ordered from Apex in the past, you’re probably familiar with our most popular products, including discs, blocks, and cylinders. Aside from the commonly used magnets, we also have a category of miscellaneous shaped magnets that serve a multitude of purposes! From organizing your workplace to helping you relieve stress, these “other” shaped magnets will help you in your...
  8. Uses for Countersunk Magnets

    Uses for Countersunk Magnets
    You’re probably more familiar with countersunk magnets than you believe. These ring-shaped magnets look like washers with a raised surface and a hole in the center. The wedge and the hole exist so the countersunk magnet (also known as countersink magnet) can be anchored in place with a single screw. We sell a variety of countersunk blocks with holes that...
  9. Uncommon Uses of Magnets

    Uncommon Uses of Magnets
    While magnets are useful for everyday applications, such as organizing a cluttered bathroom or kitchen, they can also be utilized in some more unconventional ways!  We’ve rounded up some of our favorite not-so-common uses for magnets that’ll show you that magnets are for more than hanging photos on your fridge. Continue reading →
  10. 4 Uses for Bar Magnets

    4 Uses for Bar Magnets
    Neodymium bar magnets are one of the most common shapes of magnets, being used in experiments and everyday items regularly! Bar magnets range in size, from 1/2”x1/8”x1/8” to 2”x1”x1”, and in pull force, from 0.95 pounds to 90.28 pounds per magnet. What makes them different than other Apex magnets products is that they are magnetized through the length of their body. In addition, the poles are on each end with the weakest part of the magnet in the middle, meaning that they may not be as successful in holding onto a magnetic surface. Continue reading →

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