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  1. Man Cleans Up Harbor With Fishing Magnets

    Man Cleans Up Harbor With Fishing Magnets
    Magnet fishing is becoming a popular hobby amongst people throughout the country. From the short list of supplies needed, to the rush of pulling your magnet out of the water, it is easy to understand why so many people are taking the opportunity to see what they can find in nearby streams, ponds, etc. While fishers may partake in this fun activity for a number of reasons, one Maryland man has recently made national headlines for magnet fishing for a cause. Continue reading →
  2. Using Magnets to Determine if Gold/Silver is Real

    Using Magnets to Determine if Gold/Silver is Real
    When you purchase a necklace, ring, or watch, you pay good money due to the high-quality material used to make it, like gold or silver. Unfortunately, there are times when these items can be deceiving to you and your wallet. Certain places take advantage of customers by making fake products that have the appearance of more expensive materials while still...
  3. Magnetic Accessories for Meat Smokers

    Magnetic Accessories for Meat Smokers
    All over the country, people type into their Google search engines, “Best gifts for Dads” and “Gift ideas for my husband.” If you sell accessories for grills and meat smokers, then it’s your time to shine!  Continue reading →
  4. Coin Collecting Business

    Coin Collecting Business
    If you own a business that solicits rare coins, or you plan to start one, there is one thing that you simply must know: how to tell a fake coin from a real coin. Of course, the best answer is the most simple one — buy from reliable sources. However, running a business is rarely that simple. You may get a special deal on eBay or stumble upon what appears to be a rare antique coin, and how will you know if it’s the real deal or not? The answer: Magnets! Continue reading →
  5. Magnet Uses For Meat Smokers

    Magnet Uses For Meat Smokers
    While it may be hard to imagine summer gatherings with family and friends, we promise the enjoyable weather will be back in no time! One of the best parts of these summertime get-togethers is the fantastic food options. Whether you bring your own dish or make something on the grill/in a smoker, the choices are always tasty!  Continue reading →
  6. How Magnets Are Used in Speakers

    How Magnets Are Used in Speakers
    Music is an integral part of a lot of people's lives. From listening to your favorite songs during your commute to and from work to enjoying an album while sitting on your back porch, there is never a bad time to have music filling the air. The next time you hook up your speaker, consider what is inside of it. Today, we are taking a deeper look at how magnets allow the device to create sound.  Continue reading →
  7. Military Weapons & Rare Earth Magnets Used In Defense Applications

    Military Weapons & Rare Earth Magnets Used In Defense Applications
    The United States military considers rare earth magnets, namely samarium cobalt and neodymium magnets, to be a key resource for defense and attack applications. That means they’re willing to spend an exorbitant amount of money to stay “on top” in terms of military defense and performance in the eyes of the world.  Continue reading →
  8. Using Magnets for Your Next Marketing Campaign

    Using Magnets for Your Next Marketing Campaign
    No matter the size of your business, magnets can be a powerful tool in your marketing strategy. You can use them to promote products and services in target areas, offer them as merchandise, or provide them as a free gift with purchases.  Continue reading →
  9. DIY Quick Dryer Vent Connector

    DIY Quick Dryer Vent Connector
    Dryer Vent Fire Statistics  According to the U.S. Fire Administration, an estimated 2,900 fires, resulting in 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and over $35 million in property loss, are the direct result of dryer vent fires. While these statistics are on the rise, the majority of these fires are preventable with the proper cleaning procedures, including emptying the lint trap before every use and properly disconnecting and cleaning the dryer vent pipe every three months. For gas clothing dryers, professional service is recommended on a yearly basis to inspect your gas line, ensuring it is free from any leaks. While proper cleaning measures are the foremost way to prevent fires, always remember, NEVER leave your dryer running when you are away from your home or sleeping.  Continue reading →
  10. Magnet Fishers Fined

    Magnet Fishers Fined
    What They Found Left Them In Hot Water Magnet fishing is becoming increasingly popular due to its exposure on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it is as literal as it sounds. People hook up a magnet to a rope and cast it into the water to see what they can discover. Continue reading →

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