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  1. Uncommon Uses of Magnets

    Uncommon uses of Magnets While magnets are useful for everyday applications, such as organizing a cluttered bathroom or kitchen, they can also be utilized in some more unconventional ways!  We’ve rounded up some of our favorite not-so-common uses for magnets that’ll show you that magnets are for more than hanging photos on your fridge. Continue reading →
  2. 3 Magnet Crafts Using Hook Magnets

    Uses of Hook Magnets Here at Apex, we love finding ways to use all of our different shaped products. When we need things hung, our first instinct is to look at shelving and grab our hammers and nails. The truth is, you don’t need an elaborate piece to hold things up! Our hook magnets have a variety of uses because of their tremendous holding power, with a range of sizes capable of holding 12 lbs up to 200 lbs. Here are three of our favorite ways to use them, with little drilling required. Continue reading →
  3. How Leatherman© is Changing the Multitool Game with Neodymium Magnets

    Magnets and Leatherman At Apex Magnets, we’re always curious to see how companies are using magnets to improve the functionality of their products. We recently learned of Leatherman©’s newest multitool line-- the Leatherman© Free Collection, which is breaking the mold of traditional multitools. Gearheads, outdoorsmen, and handymen alike are getting especially excited over the Free P2 and P4’s versatility, packaging, and ease of use. Our favorite part of the multitools? The innovative use of magnets. Continue reading →
  4. Keeping Your Cabinet Doors Shut with Magnets

    Magnets and Cabinets If you live in an older home that has settled, you may find that some of your cabinet doors won’t stay shut no matter what you try. Instead of ripping out and replacing all of your cabinets or packing your bags to move out, we have a quick, temporary fix to keep those pesky doors closed, with magnets, of course. Last year, we created a more permanent DIY: a magnetic cabinet latch solution using countersunk magnets. In this blog, we’re putting together a simple magnet hack that won’t involve power tools (or any tools, really!) Continue reading →
  5. 4 Uses for Cylinder Magnets

    Uses of Cylinder Magnets If you’re looking for a large pull force relative to the size of a magnet, cylinder magnets are the way to go. Their shape gives you plenty of space to grasp the magnet, which comes in handy in various applications such as these four below: Continue reading →
  6. 4 Uses for Bar Magnets

    bar magnets Neodymium bar magnets are one of the most common shapes of magnets, being used in experiments and everyday items regularly! Bar magnets range in size, from 1/2”x1/8”x1/8” to 2”x1”x1”, and in pull force, from 0.95 pounds to 90.28 pounds per magnet. What makes them different than other Apex magnets products is that they are magnetized through the length of their body. In addition, the poles are on each end with the weakest part of the magnet in the middle, meaning that they may not be as successful in holding onto a magnetic surface. Continue reading →
  7. 3 Ways to Use Cube Magnets

    Cube magnets All of our magnets have their own uses and capabilities. Cube magnets, for instance, are popular on dry erase boards and artwork displays, as they are easy to handle. They’re also ideal in classrooms and other experimental environments. Here are three ways you can utilize cube magnets. Continue reading →
  8. How To Use Sewing Magnets in Adaptive Clothing

    Sewing magnets According to a  2016 U.S. Census Bureau report, more than 14 million people with disabilities in the U.S have difficulties with things like dressing themselves. Companies like Magna-Ready and Magnaclick are making adaptive clothing for people with joint pain, arthritis, and disabilities, as well as those who just have trouble dressing.  Adaptive clothing has also been recently added by companies like Target for those with sensory issues who are sensitive to certain textures and materials. Continue reading →
  9. Magnets in the Bathroom

    Magnets in the bathroom Whether you have a tiny bathroom or even a master suite, we could all use some extra organization in one of the most used rooms in our home! You don’t need to buy furniture to have an organized space, instead, use some of these ideas below to incorporate magnets in your bathroom. Continue reading →
  10. 5 Uses for Block Magnets

    Uses of Block Magnets Block magnets are one of the most popular and versatile magnets we sell at Apex Magnets. When compared to a disc magnet of the same thickness, they have more surface area resulting in a stronger magnetic pull—the pull force of our block magnets ranges from 0.6 pounds to roughly 1,082 pounds! We also sell a variety of countersunk blocks with holes that allow you to use screws, nails, or bolts to attach the magnet to a different material. Continue reading →

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