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  1. Getting Ready for the New Year

    Getting Ready for the New Year
    The New Year is quickly approaching! With 2021 on the horizon, it’s important to be ready to start it off right. Rest assured, Apex has you covered with some helpful DIYs for celebrating the big day and to keep you on track for the new year.  Continue reading →
  2. The Coolest Things People Have Found While Magnet Fishing

    The Coolest Things People Have Found While Magnet Fishing
    Similar to metal detecting, magnet fishing is a way to discover hidden objects around us. The biggest difference? Magnet fishing happens underwater. It’s actually pretty simple, take a strong retrieval magnet, or for a cheaper alternative— an eyebolt neodymium magnet—tied with some rope over to a body of water near you. Then, cast the rope into the water just like normal fishing. You never know what you might find! Continue reading →
  3. Magnetic DIYs and Hacks to Do In Under 10 Minutes

    Magnetic DIYs and Hacks to Do In Under 10 Minutes
    We all know that time is valuable. Chances are, you’ve had that very same thought at least twice today already. Or maybe you said to yourself, there’s not enough hours in a day.   It’s true, we’re always looking for ways to add more time to our lives but to-do lists seem to be just as never-ending. To help you out, here are some magnetic hacks and DIYs that you can do around the house (or camper!) in under 10 minutes. That means they save you time and stress in the future.  Continue reading →
  4. Magnet Safety 101

    Magnet Safety 101
    While it’s great that magnets can offer incredible strength, the more powerful the magnet, the more careful you need to be when handling it. Here at Apex, we have a wide range of strength levels and magnet types so we want to make sure you know our recommended best practices for all of them. Before you put your new magnets to use, check out this roundup of magnet safety tips! Continue reading →
  5. Magnets in Bladesmithing

    Magnets in Bladesmithing
    Originally on the History Channel, Forged in Fire, has been taking over Netflix with its cutthroat competition between bladesmiths. Each episode has the bladesmiths recreate historical edged weapons — from Roman Gladius, Viking battle axes, Napoleon’s saber, and more.  What caught our attention here at Apex is their use of magnets during their heat treating so we're diving into the why, how, and “does it actually work,” below!  Continue reading →
  6. Magnetic Food Processing Round-up

    Magnetic Food Processing Round-up
    Magnetic separation practices are becoming more and more common in the food processing industry, and not only for food and beverages that humans consume. Properly implemented, magnets can save people and animals from ingesting scrap metal or metal dust, which can lead to painful, potentially deadly situations. Naturally, they also keep operational costs down for owners, too. Not only does it cost money to treat a sick animal (let alone a human), but it costs money to fix broken machinery impacted by metal scrap, and not to mention lawsuits.  Continue reading →
  7. Magnets in Warehouses: Labeling and Security

    Magnets in Warehouses: Labeling and Security
    In the past, warehouses were typically considered a kind of dead space — a hypothetical purgatory. Today, they have become a crucial part of the journey between production and delivery. In fact, warehouses are some of the most important and technologically advanced workspaces thanks to computer programs used to classify and run inventory, barcodes and readers that allow for instant product location, and rare earth magnets. Not only are magnets used in the process of labeling and inventory, but they also play a pivotal role in warehouse security.  Continue reading →
  8. Military Removal of Landmines with Magnetic Rakes

    Military Removal of Landmines with Magnetic Rakes
    What exactly is a land mine? Well, this refers to a dangerous explosive device that is generally concealed underground, perhaps several feet below the surface or covered by a thin layer of dirt, sand, or vegetation. The military, in this country and many others, has historically used these weapons as a way to quickly disable or destroy enemy tanks and other vehicles. They might be detonated by way of pressure, movement, sound, magnetism, or vibration. Either way, the blast effect can be devastating. Continue reading →
  9. Hanging Holiday Lights with Magnets

    Hanging Holiday Lights with Magnets
    From the eggnog and gift-giving to the snow days and jingle bells — it’s easy getting into the holiday spirit this time of year. Though the holidays are meant to take your stress away, we’re sure you can think of a few things that do just that make you jaded and not jolly.  One of those stressors is usually decorating — specifically, putting up the lights. If you can relate, we’ve got you covered with this magnetic hack — using magnets instead of traditional fasteners for a quick and damage-free light installation.  Continue reading →
  10. 5 Minute Magnet Hacks

    5 Minute Magnet Hacks
    We’re always on the lookout for life hacks. You know—those methods that make life easier with just a simple adjustment. Magnets make for the perfect life hacking tool as all you need is 5 minutes and some materials you probably already have in your home.  Let’s get to hacking! Continue reading →

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