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  1. Magnetically Sealed Centrifugal Pumps

    Magnetically Sealed Centrifugal Pumps
    Pump technology has evolved over time to allow engineers to use smaller magnetic drive pumps while simultaneously making them more powerful and efficient. Rare earth magnets allow for this compact design due to their high strength. In addition to magnet technology, new pump designs have increased pump lifetime usage, reduced power loss due to eddy currents, and even reduced downtime due to maintenance. Perhaps most important, magnetic drive pumps offer minimal to zero leakage of pumped medium/fluid. Continue reading →
  2. Permanent Magnets Used In Vehicle Power Steering

    Permanent Magnets Used In Vehicle Power Steering
    We’ve written extensively about the impact of magnets on the transportation industry, specifically cars. From brake systems and brake lights to sensors and motors, magnets are used in varied capacities throughout even the average vehicle. One system we haven’t covered is the steering system or electric power steering system (EPS). These days, the majority of commercial cars have one as it impacts safety, comfort, and stability. An EPS system uses an electric motor, which in turn uses permanent magnets, to operate. Continue reading →
  3. DIY: Magnetic Wall & Ceiling Register Update

    DIY: Magnetic Wall & Ceiling Register Update
    When you look at your wall or ceiling register, you may not think of it as an object that can receive a creative spin. Thanks to our newest DIY project, you may realize that it is a blank canvas just waiting to receive a decorative upgrade! The best part is that you likely have numerous registers throughout your home or apartment, meaning you can style all of them and bring a series of new concepts to life.  Continue reading →
  4. Magnet Factory to Help Production of EV Motors

    Magnet Factory to Help Production of EV Motors
    The rising popularity of electric vehicles is leading to an increase in demand for rare earth magnets. Those interested in purchasing an electric vehicle have likely heard of the dreaded supply chain issues impacting their availability. Thanks to a recent agreement, however, the road ahead may be smoothed out.  Continue reading →
  5. Magnets and Diamonds: What’s The Connection?

    Magnets and Diamonds: What’s The Connection?
    If you own a piece of diamond jewelry, you may be curious to know if it is a naturally occurring or lab-created diamond. Rather than pay for a jeweler to tell you the answer, why not pick up a magnet to uncover the truth?  Naturally occurring diamonds are formed when carbon deposits found deep in the earth are subjected to extreme temperatures and pressure, while lab diamonds are created using similar concepts and a little help from scientists. The majority of all lab diamonds in the world are created using two methods: the HPHT (High-Pressure High Temperature) method or the CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) method.  Continue reading →
  6. DIY: Using Magnets on Your Backsplash

    DIY: Using Magnets on Your Backsplash
    Last week, we explained how you can organize knives in your kitchen with a simple magnetic knife holder. Now, we are taking another look at how you can keep your cooking supplies in order by adding magnets to your backsplash. This idea works whether you are putting in a new backsplash or if you are looking to adapt your current design. Continue reading →
  7. Magnets Used In Nail Salons

    Magnets Used In Nail Salons
    If you’re a nail technician or manicurist who owns their own salon or is thinking about starting their own salon, Apex Magnets can help you run your business more efficiently, and dare we say it, stylishly. Use neodymium magnets to optimize your entire operation, including individual employees’ work stations, and make the business more visible to employees. Continue reading →
  8. Skip the Paintbrush Next Time You Paint With Magnets

    Skip the Paintbrush Next Time You Paint With Magnets
    Most of us have painted our own portrait or that famous bowl of fruit in art class, and are looking for a relaxing art project that is far less complex. Next time inspiration strikes, leave the paintbrushes behind and experience a new way of creating art! A fun way to ward off the winter break boredom or an unforgettable girl’s night in activity; all you need is a few simple supplies and a little imagination! Plus, you will have a handmade art piece to proudly display on your wall once you are finished.  Continue reading →
  9. How to Create Decorative Vase Magnets

    How to Create Decorative Vase Magnets
    Adding some flowers to your living room, bedroom, or your favorite hangout spot is a great way to give the space a fresh feeling. Thanks to the help of magnets, and a few supplies, you can create an eye-catching arrangement made from decorative vases. Continue reading →
  10. How They Used Apex Magnets… A Battlefield Chessboard

    How They Used Apex Magnets… A Battlefield Chessboard
    We are lucky to help customers from all over the world complete all sorts of innovative projects. No matter what idea comes to your mind, we are happy to work with you and use our knowledge of magnets to bring your vision to life. Recently, Joshua Kime created a chessboard that was made from natural terrain and resembled a battlefield. While no stranger to crafting one of a kind creations, Kime said this board came to be by sheer coincidence.  Continue reading →

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