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  1. Magnets and Automation in the Face of Social Distancing

    Magnets and Automation in the Face of Social Distancing
    The world is currently facing a pandemic and people are being encouraged to practice social distancing for the foreseeable future. The amount of recommended time for this kind of practice is unknown –– some hypothesizing weeks and others predicting months.  The truth is, even after COVID-19 is under control, it will have a lasting impact on our businesses, but I’m...
  2. All About Magnetic Lashes

    All About Magnetic Lashes
    One of the latest fashion trends that refuses to slow down is having longer, fuller lashes. In everyone’s search for the latest and greatest tricks in the beauty world, magnetic lashes are proving to be a viable option.  Rather than using a traditional adhesive, these lashes are held together by -- you guessed it -- tiny magnets. Essentially, they work...
  3. Interactive Magnetic Art

    Interactive Magnetic Art
    From Japanese artist Yukako Hihara using magnets to design anti-gravity shoes to the late Greek sculptor, Takis’ art based in magnetism, magnets are always being used in creative ways! Now, Australian art and design brand  TOO Designs is stepping into the world of magnetism with interactive art kits. Here’s how those kits work, and how you can create your own...
  4. DIY: Magnetic Money Clip

    DIY: Magnetic Money Clip
    Do you have some extra time on your hands? With leather scraps and two block magnets, you can make a magnetic money clip in less than 10 minutes! Hold your loose change and paper money in a convenient clip that’s equal parts stylish and convenient.  Continue reading →
  5. DIY Magnetic Dartboard

    DIY Magnetic Dartboard
    Do-it-yourself projects have become a common trend to make unique items for your home. Buying a typical game of darts is too simple. Instead, YouTuber Magnetic Games used the power of magnetism to load and shoot traditional darts -- and you can too!  Continue reading →
  6. Magnets Used in Law Enforcement to Secure Underwater Evidence

    Magnets Used in Law Enforcement to Secure Underwater Evidence
    If you work in law enforcement, then you are probably well-aware that one of the most common illegal dumping grounds for guns is… underwater. Whether these guns are actual murder weapons, linked to a crime, or just purchased illegally, guns are often disposed of in lakes, rivers, streams, swamps, sewers, and wells. Using the power of magnets, law enforcement teams can bring important evidence –– the weapon in question –– to the surface, and in some cases, use it to identify a suspect and close a case. Continue reading →
  7. A Possible Alternative to Traditional Security Metal Detectors

    A Possible Alternative to Traditional Security Metal Detectors
    A low-cost, compact, and low-power metal detector has been created by a team led by Huan Li at the China Institute of Geosciences. In addition to this device is used to identify the unique magnetic fingerprints of small metallic objects, it would allow for significant reductions in the size and the energy requirements of security screening systems.  Continue reading →
  8. Home Decor Magnet Projects Round-Up

    Home Decor Magnet Projects Round-Up
    Feel like your house needs a refresh? Instead of going out and buying expensive furniture or decor, give some of these home decor magnet projects a shot!  Continue reading →
  9. How to Create a DIY Magnetometer Inside a Tic Tac Box

    How to Create a DIY Magnetometer Inside a Tic Tac Box
    Ever wonder how you could make your very own Magnetometer? This DIY project allows you to do so right from the comfort of your home. Magnetometers measure the strength of magnetic fields – acting as an essential tool to assess the strength of permanent magnets and electromagnets in order to understand the field shape of nontrivial magnet configurations. Use these steps to create a pocket-size portable Magnetometer inside a Tic Tac Box! Continue reading →
  10. Fridge Magnet Round-Up

    Fridge Magnet Round-Up
    When we say “magnet,” your first thought is of the things holding up invitations and art projects on your fridge. You can buy fridge magnets at almost any store, but did you know you can easily create your own magnets out of basically anything? Here are some of the most unique things we’ve made into fridge magnets and the DIYs so you can do it too.  Continue reading →

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