HAFNIUM Metal Element 5.3 grams 99.9%

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  • 99.9% pure Hafnium Metal.
  • The metal is in pellet form. 
  • SKU# Hf53
  • 99.9% pure Hafnium Metal. 
  • Quantity is 5.3 grams total 99.9% purity. 
  • The metal is in pellet form. 
  • The pellet measures 1/4" diameter x 1/2" length. 
  • Materials analysis available upon request. 
  • Hafnium is Atomic Element No. 72 on the periodic table of elements. 
  • Hafnium is a shiny silvery, ductile metal that is corrosion resistant and chemically similar to zirconium. 
  • The properties of hafnium are markedly affected by zirconium impurities and these two elements are amongst the most difficult to separate. 
  • The only notable difference between them is their density (zirconium is about half as dense as hafnium).
  • Zircon is the primary source of all hafnium. 
  • Zirconium and hafnium are contained in zircon at a ratio of about 50 to 1. 
  • Zircon is a coproduct or byproduct of the mining and processing of heavy-mineral sands for the titanium minerals, ilmenite and rutile, or tin minerals. 
  • Hafnium is used to make nuclear control rods, such as those found in nuclear submarines, because of its ability to absorb neutrons (its thermal neutron absorption cross section is nearly 600 times that of zirconium), excellent mechanical properties and exceptional corrosion-resistance properties. 
  • Hafnium is also used in gas-filled and incandescent lamps, nickel-based superalloys, nozzles for plasma arc metal cutting, and high-temperature ceramics.
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SKU Hf53
Shape Cylinder
Maximum Operating Temperature (F) 179
Magnetization Direction Not Applicable
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