Can you imagine life without music? Well, without magnets it would be pretty difficult to listen to it. Did you know that magnets are inside speakers and headphones? Magnets allow us to hear the music that we love so much. You can even create your own DIY set of speakers with some magnets and learn a little bit about audio, electricity and science in the process. There are tons of variations on homemade speakers, even a Mason jar version. But, we have created a simple version for those of you that would like to try it out!


  • Paper cup (You can also use a styrofoam plate.)
  • Round magnet
  • Tape
  • Copper wire
  • Cardboard
  • Old audio plugs (headphones)


  1. Coil the copper wire into a circular frame, about the size of your disc magnet. Then wrap pieces of wire on opposite sides of the coil. Leave a couple inches of wire hanging off each end.
  2. Flip the paper or styrofoam cup upside down and tape the coil of wire to the bottom.
  3. Next tape a round magnet to a piece of cardboard and then place the magnet inside but not touching the circular coil of wire.
  4. Tape the cardboard backing into place with some tape. Be sure to leave space to allow access to the coil.
  5. Take your audio plugs and strip the outer coating so that the wire is exposed. Leave the plug side intact so that you can plug it into your audio device later.
  6. Connect the audio plug wires to the coil of wire.
  7. Plug the jack into a computer, radio or other audio device and test how it plays!

You can adjust the magnet strength to amplify the volume. Strong magnets tend to work better than low powered magnets. Also, it is always important to follow proper safety measures when magnetism and electricity are involved. These DIY speakers are a neat starting point if you are interested in building your own audio speakers, but you can always get a little more sophisticated with the design. If you have questions about what magnets to use or how to complete this magnet project, then feel free to contact us or ask in the comments!

Photo by Randy Stewart