If you’ve ever used ferrofluid for a science experiment or project, you know it can get everywhere. While it’s one of the coolest magnetic products available, it’s extremely messy and difficult to clean. Here are some tips to help you clean ferrofluid residue off your work surface so you’re prepared for your next experiment.

The best way to clean up a big mess is to prevent it from happening. We understand that science is often messy, but taking a few steps to prepare before initiating your experiment will save you time during the cleanup process. Before handling ferrofluid, here are some supplies you need:

  • Gloves
  • An apron or clothes you don’t mind staining

Try to use glass containers and surfaces instead of plastic. -?

How To Clean Ferrofluid

When cleaning ferrofluid you have a few options, but repeated washing with soap or detergent is the advice. If you take the proper preparatory steps and clean any residue immediately with soap, water, and a little elbow grease, your experiment should be all cleaned up in no time.

You could also trying an oleophobic coating to prevent ferrofluid residue from sticking to the surface of your work station. We tested our ferrofluid with Rust-Oleum NeverWet hydrophobic water repellent, but it wasn’t effective. It didn’t make any difference and the ferrofluid stained the glass bottle as usual. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could test other hydrophobic coatings, but an oleophobic coating might be more effective since our ferrofluid is oil-based.

Let us know how your next experiment with ferrofluid goes!