In general, it can be said that videos on the Internet have a certain “magnetic” quality to them, whether you’re watching them to learn new things, to check out the latest Beyoncé music video, or even just to procrastinate. But, they can become even more mesmerizing with the presence of actual magnets.  

We’ve rounded up 4 of the most mesmerizing magnet videos we could find online...and one bonus one that is only technically on topic, but that you’ll enjoy all the same. Check them out:

Melt Metal with Magnets

Our first pick is one of the most popular magnets videos on the web. A lot of heat is needed to melt metal, usually from a heavy-duty torch or other tool. But with magnets, some electricity, and wire, you can melt metal using a magnetic field. The best part is, that during the melting process, the field suspends the metal in midair, allowing you to observe the entire experiment.

Magnetic Putty

Using a neodymium magnet and magnetic putty, you can make something referred to in this next video as a “monster magnet.” This strange putty’s reaction is due to the fact that it contains many particles of iron oxide, specifically, magnetite. There are many negative electrons in magnetite and because each electron has its own magnetic field, they react like tiny bar magnets. When you put the putty near a strong magnet, the particles will all begin to move forward, engulfing the magnet entirely.

Desk Dots

Magnets are generally great to help organize the front of your fridge, but with a little creativity they can also be used for other organizational purposes. And this next video can definitely be called creative. Though it is mostly about using magnets to organize a work desk, it takes a strange route to get there with the assistance of a large shovel. The song is pretty neat too.

Magnetizing Magnets

Did you know that magnets are not technically magnetic when they are in the early stages of production? Magnetization is one of the final parts of the magnet-making process. Magnets made with rare earth elements like neodymium, are mined, melted, milled, pressed and sintered before being activated. The pressing of the particles inside the magnets forces them to align, giving them a designated pole. Check out how we magnetize our magnets:

Bonus Video: Magnets ft. Lorde

This is still technically about magnets, right?

Generally, any video with New Zealand diva Lorde is pretty mesmerizing. We’re also glad she’s singing about our favorite topic:

Do you have other cool magnet videos not included on this list? Share them in the comments!