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  1. Magnetic Personalities: Robert Bosch

    Magnetic Personalities: Robert Bosch
    Along with founding the Robert Bosch Gmbh Corporation, which you may recognize from your kitchen appliances, Robert Bosch made major contributions in the electrical engineering field in the early 1900s. In the scientific community, he’s best known for his adaptation of magnetos to vehicle engines, which was a groundbreaking discovery for the automotive industry. It’s safe to say Bosch had a big influence on the magnetic world — keep reading to see how his discoveries relate to modern magnets today! Continue reading →
  2. What’s Included on Apex Magnet’s Product Description Pages

    What’s Included on Apex Magnet’s Product Description Pages
    When you head to a product page on our website, you may be surprised to find that there’s a lot of information to sort through! There are three tabs on each product page — “main details,” “more information,” and “product attachments.”  Below, we’ll go through what you can find in each of these tabs— and if you need to know anything else, we’re happy to try to help via phone or email!  Continue reading →
  3. Is It Magnetic? Magnets vs. Steel

    Is It Magnetic? Magnets vs. Steel
    When completing a project, one of the first steps is usually deciding between attaching your magnets to another magnet or to steel. It might seem like either one could work – and in most cases, it can — but, we’ll walk you through the differences between the two attractions and some basic rules of thumb to make your experience working with these two materials as easy as possible. After all, education saves you time, money, and stress. Continue reading →
  4. Magnetic Personalities: Andre-Marie Ampere

    Magnetic Personalities: Andre-Marie Ampere
    You may already be familiar with our latest magnetic personality feature as his last name, ampere — better known as just “amp”— is still used to describe the unit for measuring an electric current. Andre-Marie Ampere achieved great things during his lifetime in the field of magnetism, even founding and naming what we know today as electromagnetism. The more we learn about the pioneers of magnetism and related sciences, the more we can appreciate and understand it in our everyday lives. Continue reading →
  5. Magnetic Personalities: Joseph Henry

    Magnetic Personalities: Joseph Henry
    Joseph Henry had a huge impact within the magnetic world during the 19th century. His accolades include his research that led to the first electromagnetic motor and the construction of strong, practical electromagnets. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In order to understand how he got there, we first need to learn about the man behind the magnets.  Continue reading →
  6. Magnet Myths: Questions About Magnets With the Real Answers

    Magnet Myths: Questions About Magnets With the Real Answers
    People are constantly publishing and consuming information online, so it’s no wonder that you may hear differing opinions on the same topic. While we can’t dispel all misinformation, we’re doing another round of “magnet myths'' to set some things straight! You can read the first part in this blog post and then scroll below to see if you know if these magnetic statements are fact or myth.  Continue reading →
  7. Magnets in the Airline Industry

    Magnets in the Airline Industry
    From preventing punctured tires to sorting cutlery, industrial magnets play an important role in the airline industry. Magnets are used in ways that you wouldn’t expect! Without magnets, there could be more problems and overspent budgets.  Let’s look closely at the specifics! Continue reading →
  8. The Ultimate Magnet Guide

    The Ultimate Magnet Guide
    Sometimes it’s good to get back to the basics! Everything you need to know about handling and using magnets is in this handy guide — be sure to “bookmark” it to refer back anytime!  Continue reading →
  9. Apex’s “Other Shapes” Category

    Apex’s “Other Shapes” Category
    Our magnets come in all shapes and sizes — from common discs and bars to lesser known arc and retrieving magnets. If you take a look at our category section, you may be wondering what the “other shapes” category includes? Here’s a quick reference sheet of our “other shapes” category and ways you can use them.   Continue reading →
  10. Apex Sells Metric Magnets!

    Apex Sells Metric Magnets!
    At Apex Magnets, we have supplied thousands of businesses, industrial, and institutional clients within the United States and globally. Regardless of the location of your business, we are here to help with your magnet needs and guide you through the process of purchasing magnets. Our goal is to simplify the process of purchasing magnets to allow for easy business applications. One way we do this is by offering magnets in metric sizes and inch measurements. With 96% of the population using the metric system and all countries using it for scientific use, we offer a wide-range of magnets in metric sizes and inch measurements to make conducting business easier.  Continue reading →

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