Did you know that magnets are a great tool to help promote your business? From bumper stickers to business cards, the options are endless! 

You may be asking yourself, how can magnets help with marketing my business? No need to worry; we’ve outlined common ways to effectively use magnets to reach your target customers.

Business Cards

Magnetic business cards are one of the most popular ways to market your business as they can easily be placed on a customer’s fridge or any magnetic surface. They are an easy way to advertise your business — when you are attending meetings or working with customers, you can keep business cards with your name, contact information, and any other important information on hand to easily distribute. Additionally, if your company offers a routine service, including a custom calendar on your promotional magnet is a great way to encourage customers to keep it on their fridge for the calendar year.

Bumper Stickers

Another popular way to advertise your business is through magnetic bumper stickers. Each bumper sticker has a magnetic strip on the backside of it, allowing it to stick to the exterior of the car in all types of weather. You can put your company’s name, contact information, slogan, and much more onto your own portable moving billboard to reach a wide customer base. 

Magnetic bumper stickers are advantageous because they’re inexpensive, easy to move, and offer an immediate response. Since magnetic bumper stickers are durable, it is a one-time cost to get your own moving billboard and they are less expensive than other advertising media such as newspapers or a TV ad. With magnetic bumper stickers, you can easily peel off the sticker and apply it to a car's surface. Unlike non-magnetic bumper stickers, you can take the bumper sticker off when you get a new car or wash your car. Additionally, magnetic bumper stickers offer an immediate response — all you have to do is place your bumper sticker on a clearly visible surface of your vehicle and wait for nearby drivers to contact your business. 

Flip Disc Displays

Although you may not recognize it, you see magnetic signage on a daily basis. For instance, on a public transit bus, the flashing message across the top of the bus uses magnets, in particular flip disc technology. A flip-disc display is used for large outdoor electrical signs that are typically exposed to direct sunlight. The display consists of a grid of metal discs. A computerized driver system reads data, typically characters, and flips the appropriate discs to produce the desired display. To learn more about flip disc displays, click here

Fridge Magnets

Basic fridge magnets are an easy and effective way to promote your business. Sometimes a simple logo on a magnet will do the job. If you own a restaurant, handing out fridge magnets with your logo will remind customers of your restaurant every time they open their fridge, which could lead to more sales. This could also lead to referrals because when people visit their friend’s homes, they’ll likely ask about a fridge magnet that draws their attention. Additionally, your business can include magnetic coupons that could signal customers to think about your company as they open the fridge or walk past their fridge. People will also be less likely to throw away a fridge magnet compared to a paper advertisement with coupons. 

Magnetic Signage

We’ve grown accustomed to the colorful magnetic signage we see around the city or on the side of someone’s vehicle as it drives by. Whether it is an ad for a handyman or a restaurant ad highlighting coupons, the need for magnetic signage remains stagnant. 

Similar to bumper stickers, magnetic signage is a great way to make your brand visibly apparent and stand out. Not only can magnetic signage increase brand awareness, but they are also durable, flexible, and cost-effective. All you have to do is place the magnetic signage on the side of a vehicle or on a magnetic surface and move it as needed. 

Apex Magnets Can Help! 

At Apex Magnets, we sell a wide range of strong magnets that are ideal for promotional magnets. We offer custom magnets that allow you to tailor the size and shape of your magnet — just fill out our custom magnet request form and we will give you a quote for FREE! 

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As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team at 1.304.257.1193 or send us a message.