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  1. Magnetic Systems in Warehouse Transportation

    Magnetic Systems in Warehouse Transportation
    Several companies around the world have really started to investigate the advantages of using robotic systems that rely on magnets to transport things around warehouses. This includes the ability to package and lift heavy items. Forklift trucks, for example, can be controlled automatically by computers using magnets to guide their movements. Magnets are actually placed in the ground at warehouses. They’re at precise distances and arranged in specific ways that allow the vehicle to orient, follow a path, and drive without manpower.  So, what other warehouse machinery can be upgraded with magnets?  Continue reading →
  2. Permanent Magnets Used in Robots

    Permanent Magnets Used in Robots
    For years, permanent magnets have played a vital role in the ever-expanding robotics industry, specifically in robot manufacturing. The design process pushes boundaries, is highly focused on sensors and motion, and must fulfill specific conditions (e.g, magnetic tolerances, parameters, and assemblies). As the design and manufacturing process continue to evolve and require more precision, there is a need to select more precise magnets and enact more advanced ideas. In many cases, this requires permanent, neodymium magnets. Continue reading →
  3. Lasers On Magnets: A New Way to Store Big Data

    Lasers On Magnets: A New Way to Store Big Data
    “The mysterious force we use to stick our travel souvenirs to the fridge is the same one used to store our digital data!” What an incredible concept — as explained in an article Kshiti Mishra, magnetism is used to store our digital data. Not only that, but there’s a new way to store data on the horizon. Put simply, this new method involves shooting lasers on magnets. Yes, it sounds like a chapter in an old sci-fi novel, but no, this is real life.  Continue reading →
  4. How Magnets Are Helping To Control Prosthetic Limbs

    How Magnets Are Helping To Control Prosthetic Limbs
    Magnets can be found in various facets of the medical field today, but a group of scientists at MIT and Brown University are the latest team of innovators to push the limits of scientific discovery with these powerful rare-earth elements. Utilizing a set of small magnets, the team hopes to employ this technology as a highly sophisticated method to monitor muscle movements in real time, affording amputee patients greater control over their prosthetic limb(s). With the goal to closely mimic what would be the patient’s natural limb movement, the team’s efforts have already shown promising results for accuracy and safety.  Continue reading →
  5. Business Applications for Ceramic Magnets

    Business Applications for Ceramic Magnets
    Ceramic magnets have many useful applications in different industries and businesses. This permanent, man-made type of magnet is made from a combination of iron oxide and strontium carbonate. Those two elements are heated to over 2000° F, triggering a specific chemical reaction. The result is ferrite material with a magnetic field; in other words, ceramic magnets. Continue reading →
  6. Magnetically Sealed Centrifugal Pumps

    Magnetically Sealed Centrifugal Pumps
    Pump technology has evolved over time to allow engineers to use smaller magnetic drive pumps while simultaneously making them more powerful and efficient. Rare earth magnets allow for this compact design due to their high strength. In addition to magnet technology, new pump designs have increased pump lifetime usage, reduced power loss due to eddy currents, and even reduced downtime due to maintenance. Perhaps most important, magnetic drive pumps offer minimal to zero leakage of pumped medium/fluid. Continue reading →
  7. Permanent Magnets Used In Vehicle Power Steering

    Permanent Magnets Used In Vehicle Power Steering
    We’ve written extensively about the impact of magnets on the transportation industry, specifically cars. From brake systems and brake lights to sensors and motors, magnets are used in varied capacities throughout even the average vehicle. One system we haven’t covered is the steering system or electric power steering system (EPS). These days, the majority of commercial cars have one as it impacts safety, comfort, and stability. An EPS system uses an electric motor, which in turn uses permanent magnets, to operate. Continue reading →
  8. Compact Motors for Motorcycles

    Compact Motors for Motorcycles
    Visually, you can see the evolution of the sportbike through time, with models trending smaller and sleeker. This ongoing reduction in size and weight is reflected in the magnetic technology that makes using them possible. The magnetic materials required to operate a motor and eventually a rare-earth “mini” motor have changed over time, but it’s fair to say that modern...
  9. Magnet Hacks for Professional Writers

    Magnet Hacks for Professional Writers
    Over the years, we’ve covered magnetic hacks for professionals in a variety of fields (e.g., Magnet Hacks for Musicians). If you’re a professional writer, you may have felt left out of the conversation, but we’re here to remedy that. Whether you’re a novelist, poet, journalist, ghostwriter, screenwriter, or a technical writer, you can use Apex Magnets to organize your writerly workspace, optimize inspiration when it strikes, and display your favorite works (whether they’re your own from another writer you admire).  Sharpen your pencils; it’s time for magnetic hacks for professional writers.  Continue reading →
  10. Magnets Used In Nail Salons

    Magnets Used In Nail Salons
    If you’re a nail technician or manicurist who owns their own salon or is thinking about starting their own salon, Apex Magnets can help you run your business more efficiently, and dare we say it, stylishly. Use neodymium magnets to optimize your entire operation, including individual employees’ work stations, and make the business more visible to employees. Continue reading →

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