Now that the summer Sun is peeking out of the clouds and bringing some warm weather, you’re probably eager to get outside. After spending all winter cooped up making grand plans for summer, it’s finally time to get started! Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, a picnic, or even planting your annual garden, here are a few ways really strong magnets can make your life easier:

1. Finding the right grill

If you’re starting your summer off with a big picnic or cookout, you might need to upgrade your grill. Bring a strong neodymium magnet with you to test the quality of the steel the grills are made of before making a purchase. If the magnet is attracted to the steel part used to contain heat, it’s probably not a good quality grill and may be more likely to rust.

2. Keeping track of grill tools

Just because the part of the grill that contains heat isn’t magnetic, doesn’t mean you can’t use magnets to keep track of your grilling tools! You can glue small disc magnets to a safe spot away from the heat on your grill and use them to hold your grill tools in place.

3. Organizing gardening tools

You can buy a large neodymium magnet to hang heavy gardening tools like shovels, rakes, and hoes in your garage. The large magnet will attract to the metal wall of your garage and still be strong enough to hold several pounds worth of metal tools.

4. Making easy plant markers

You can make these easy magnetic plant markers to keep track of where everything is planted in your vegetable garden. These planters are perfect for the gardener who likes to change up their vegetables every year because you can easily update the markers to signify different plants.

5. Holding down a tablecloth

When you’re having a picnic and the wind keeps blowing your tablecloth askew, you can use strong magnets to hold it in place without damaging the cloth or the table. All you have to do is hold one magnet on top of the tablecloth and another magnet on the underside of the table directly underneath the other magnet. The magnets should attract through the cloth and the table to hold everything in place.

What other ways do you use magnets in the summer?