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  1. DIY: Magnetic Wall & Ceiling Register Update

    DIY: Magnetic Wall & Ceiling Register Update
    When you look at your wall or ceiling register, you may not think of it as an object that can receive a creative spin. Thanks to our newest DIY project, you may realize that it is a blank canvas just waiting to receive a decorative upgrade! The best part is that you likely have numerous registers throughout your home or apartment, meaning you can style all of them and bring a series of new concepts to life.  Continue reading →
  2. DIY: Using Magnets on Your Backsplash

    DIY: Using Magnets on Your Backsplash
    Last week, we explained how you can organize knives in your kitchen with a simple magnetic knife holder. Now, we are taking another look at how you can keep your cooking supplies in order by adding magnets to your backsplash. This idea works whether you are putting in a new backsplash or if you are looking to adapt your current design. Continue reading →
  3. Our Favorite Magnet Hacks

    Our Favorite Magnet Hacks
    We are always telling our readers about the versatility of neodymium magnets. This week, we are going to share some of our favorite magnet hacks that you can try out in your home/office! Do you have your own favorite hack? Let us know on our social media pages!  Continue reading →
  4. Magnet Uses For Meat Smokers

    Magnet Uses For Meat Smokers
    While it may be hard to imagine summer gatherings with family and friends, we promise the enjoyable weather will be back in no time! One of the best parts of these summertime get-togethers is the fantastic food options. Whether you bring your own dish or make something on the grill/in a smoker, the choices are always tasty!  Continue reading →
  5. Cookie Sheet Attendance Board

    Cookie Sheet Attendance Board
    Teachers are responsible for a large number of kids, and keeping track of students as they step out to go to the bathroom, main office, or library can be difficult while you are focused on teaching those in the classroom. By using a cookie sheet, you can create a magnetic attendance board that reminds you where all of your students are at any given time. You can also allow students to express themselves and decorate their own rocks. The decision is up to you! Continue reading →
  6. Magnets Could Improve the Future of Flooring

    Magnets Could Improve the Future of Flooring
    Throughout the years, a number of popularized flooring trends have come and gone. Now, however, people are turning to magnets to attain stylish floors while also avoiding all of the complexity of laying down traditional flooring. Continue reading →
  7. DIY Quick Dryer Vent Connector

    DIY Quick Dryer Vent Connector
    Dryer Vent Fire Statistics  According to the U.S. Fire Administration, an estimated 2,900 fires, resulting in 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and over $35 million in property loss, are the direct result of dryer vent fires. While these statistics are on the rise, the majority of these fires are preventable with the proper cleaning procedures, including emptying the lint trap before every use and properly disconnecting and cleaning the dryer vent pipe every three months. For gas clothing dryers, professional service is recommended on a yearly basis to inspect your gas line, ensuring it is free from any leaks. While proper cleaning measures are the foremost way to prevent fires, always remember, NEVER leave your dryer running when you are away from your home or sleeping.  Continue reading →
  8. Magnetic Locks: How they Work and Their Uses

    Magnetic Locks: How they Work and Their Uses
    More and more, we are seeing properties gravitate to the use of electromagnetic locks in their buildings. With their ease of installation, security, and fast building access, it’s no question why these types of locks are becoming a popular option. Continue reading →
  9. How to Make Magnetic Dish Towels

    How to Make Magnetic Dish Towels
    When you’re in the kitchen making dinner or cleaning up, do you ever find yourself struggling to remember where you put the dish towel? You turn right, you turn left, you make a full circle, and only then do you finally find it all the way down the counter. By sewing a magnet into your dish towels, you give yourself the option to stick it in the most convenient places — the fridge or the dishwasher.  Continue reading →
  10. Tackle Your Next Interior Design Project with a DIY Magnet Stud Finder

    Tackle Your Next Interior Design Project with a DIY Magnet Stud Finder
    Whether you are ready to craft that custom photo wall you have been dreaming about or turn your kitchen into a culinary paradise straight out of a magazine, opt for a magnet over purchasing expensive equipment. Once you have a design in mind for your space, it’s time to bring your inspiration to life.  Continue reading →

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