Happy Earth Day! While you’re out celebrating the beautiful planet we live on, don’t forget to tend your garden. Before planting, you want to make sure you can remember what rows will yield which plants. You can use magnetic plant markers to keep track of the plants in your garden so you know which vegetables to expect from each row. Here’s how to make your own magnetic plant markers:



  1. First, decorate your mason jar lids with your choice of tools. You can use stamps and a hammer to make grooves in the lids that spell the names of each plant or use symbols depicting the plants. You can also paint the names or pictures of the plants on the lids with durable paint so that it won’t fade in the sun or rain. Make sure you have one lid for each row of plants.
  2. After you decorate the lids, glue strong disc magnets to the stakes using a durable, waterproof adhesive. You can use stakes or forks depending on the materials available to you.
  3. Now, the magnets on the stakes will attract to the metal mason jar lids and hold them in place on the stakes.
  4. Next, arrange your plant markers so there’s one at the front of each row of seeds in your garden. Make sure the labels correspond with the plants you can expect to see in the rows. For example, a row of planted tomato seeds should have a magnetic plant marker labeled tomato.

These magnetic plant markers are useful because you can use them for your garden next year, even if you plant different types of seeds. All you have to do is decorate new lids and switch them with your old ones. You can also create a set of unique plant markers to give to someone as a gift. Mother’s Day is right around the corner and these cute magnetic markers will make a great gift for mom.

What else are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?