Whether you’re in the middle of a big home renovation project or tackling one room at a time, magnets can reduce your list of challenges and make each individual project a little bit easier. You’re already working hard — why not work smart, too?

Here are five ways magnets can help you in home renovations!

  1. Find the metal studs in the wall: use ¾” x ¾” cylinder magnets to attract studs. Put a piece of clear tape on one end to avoid scratching the walls. Next, drag it across the wall to find the hidden studs.

  2. Seal off air conditioning vents to improve home heating: use ½” x ⅛” disc magnets to secure vinyl coated sheets over the steel register.

  3. Collect nails from a porch project that may have fallen in the grass: you can use a magnetic sweeper in the lawn or anywhere else inside or around the house.

  4. Prevent corrosion in your water heater: place a magnet (for example, a ⅝” x ⅝” x ⅝” neodymium cube) on the freshwater intake pipe to catch metallic calcium particles that could cause damage.

  5. Protect a tractor or lawn mower’s engine: place ceramic magnets in the oil pan to attract small bits of steel that show up from grinding pistons. Ceramic is recommended due to its heat tolerance.

Get a Jump on all Your Projects with Apex Magnets

Magnets can give you the extra boost you need to excel in all your home renovation projects. For more ideas on how to use Apex products, check out our blog. If you ever have any questions or ideas you want to talk through, leave us a message or give us a call at 1-304-257-1193.