From magnetic paint sticks to miniature book magnets, 2017 saw so many wonderful magnetic DIYS. Magnets can turn a simple craft into a piece of art or decor to stick on a fridge or magnetic surface. Let’s look back on this year’s best magnet crafts.

Faux Insect Magnetic DIYs

This magnetic project is perfect for Halloween, but can be enjoyed all year long. If you have a bug enthusiast in your life, this will be the ideal gift. Not to mention, the gold leaf element that creates a decorative-vibe to the craft. All you need are plastic bugs, small wooden plaques, magnets, and some paint. To learn more about this DIY and the instructions on how to create it, visit our blog.

Adult Coloring Books

Coloring books are proven to be therapeutic and can help manage mental health issues, stress, and anxiety. For our DIY, we created a way to pay homage to the coloring book trend with miniature canvases. This project for someone who loves color and crafting alike. Check out the supplies you’ll need and the step by step process.

Tin Can Succulent Magnet

Chances are, you or someone you know is a big fan of succulents (whether they’re real or fake). These mini succulent gardens are perfect for decorating the fridge and turning your kitchen into a modern, nature-inspired zen palace. The best part? You can upcycle tin cans used for mints or spices. Find out how to make this magnet DIY here.

Magnetic Upcycled Cork Decor

Using supplies and random knick-knacks around the house to create another function for is a great way to upcycle. For this DIY, we used corks. Most people have a collection of unused corks just waiting for the right craft to come along and give them another purpose. This is a simple craft where you’re free to express your personal and artistic flare. With minimal supplies involved and quick make-time, these magnets are something you can whip up in no time! Head over to our blog  for more details.
We hope you enjoyed our 2017 magnetic DIY roundup! If you’re looking for even more magnet crafts, visit our magnetic crafts page.