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  1. DIY Magnetic Pin Dish

    DIY Magnetic Pin Dish
    If you sew, you know how easy it is to drop and lose those pesky straight pins. They’re small, slick, and hard to find once they’re on the carpet. Not only are they annoying, but loose pins can also be a hazard when walking around without shoes! To keep track of these pins and keep your area clean and organized...
  2. DIY Magnetic Field Sensory Jar

    DIY Magnetic Field Sensory Jar
    Sensory activities are something that both children and adults can benefit from. This magnetic field sensory jar craft is no exception, allowing you to create something you can keep at your desk, take with you during long car rides—while you’re the passenger, of course—or keep by your bed to help you unwind and relax. This magnet craft only requires a...
  3. Build Your Own Speaker with Magnets

    Build Your Own Speaker with Magnets
    Magnets make music possible. How? Magnets are an important component of speakers and headphones, as they convert electrical energy into sound energy. The magnets transmit the sound energy through the “cone” of the speaker. While this description isn’t as complex as actual sound design, it gives you a brief idea of how magnets play a role in sound transmission. Continue reading →
  4. Keeping Your Cabinet Doors Shut with Magnets

    Keeping Your Cabinet Doors Shut with Magnets
    If you live in an older home that has settled, you may find that some of your cabinet doors won’t stay shut no matter what you try. Instead of ripping out and replacing all of your cabinets or packing your bags to move out, we have a quick, temporary fix to keep those pesky doors closed, with magnets, of course. Last year, we created a more permanent DIY: a magnetic cabinet latch solution using countersunk magnets. In this blog, we’re putting together a simple magnet hack that won’t involve power tools (or any tools, really!) Continue reading →
  5. Bring Your Herbs Indoors with This DIY Magnetic Tea Tin Garden

    Bring Your Herbs Indoors with This DIY Magnetic Tea Tin Garden
    If you’re looking to start a herb garden in a more controlled environment but don’t have enough shelf or counter space, we have the perfect solution for you: a magnetic herb garden. By using magnets to create your garden, you can save space and take advantage of certain sunny and shady spots by creating a customized, temporary herb garden on any magnetic surface that can be rearranged to suit your style! In this DIY blog, we use tea tins as planters, but you can use any container you’d like! Just be sure to get magnets that will support the weight of your containers. Continue reading →
  6. 3 Ways to Use Sphere Magnets

    3 Ways to Use Sphere Magnets
    Sphere Magnets are small but mighty! Their unique shape and the lines of force they generate provide the highest local gauss readings (the invisible strength) of all magnets. Their greatest strength, however, comes with a trade-off: since they lack surface area, it’s harder for them to grab onto certain surfaces. This means sphere magnets work best when being used with other sphere magnets. These unique magnetic balls are most commonly used for classroom demonstrations, DIY projects, and workplace fun -- Continue reading →
  7. DIY Map Magnets

    DIY Map Magnets
    Create your own reminder of places traveled (or places you wish to travel to) with these DIY map magnets. If you don’t have any maps laying around, simply print out sections of maps from Google! Stick them on your fridge, in your office, or anywhere else you’d like to forever remember your trips. Continue reading →
  8. DIY Polaroid-Style Magnets

    DIY Polaroid-Style Magnets
    Having pictures of your friends, family, pets, favorite places, or anything your heart desires in view will leave you feeling amazing. This DIY craft will transform your images into polaroid inspired magnets you can stick on your fridge, inspiration boards, desk cabinets -- you name it! If you have a Polaroid camera already, you can skip the first two steps and paste your already printed out polaroids onto the foam! Continue reading →
  9. 2018 Magnet Craft Round-up

    2018 Magnet Craft Round-up
    From paper lanterns in celebration of Chinese New Year to spooky homemade slime, we saw our fair share of DIY magnetic masterpieces in 2018! Who knew that a little rare earth metal could turn a simple craft into something so… attractive? (We did, but it’s because we live and breathe magnets.) Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and revisit some of our favorite DIYs from this year. Continue reading →
  10. DIY: Magnetic Spice Rack

    DIY: Magnetic Spice Rack
    If one of your resolutions for the new year is to get organized, we’ve got the perfect DIY for you! Make cooking a breeze by having all of your spices out and organized right on your fridge. Continue reading →

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