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  1. 3 Ways To Utilize Ceramic Magnets

    3 Ways To Utilize Ceramic Magnets
    In our opinion, ceramic magnets are one of the most overlooked and underappreciated magnets. Not only are they strong, but they are usually inexpensive, making them a smart purchase for business owners and individuals alike.  Continue reading →
  2. 6 Ways Magnets Will Help Your Camping Trip

    6 Ways Magnets Will Help Your Camping Trip
    Summer weather is just around the corner! Before you head out into the great outdoors for your next road or camping trip, try out these magnetic hacks and crafts to make your camping experience as enjoyable as possible!  Continue reading →
  3. No-Sew DIY Magnet Fishing Game

    No-Sew DIY Magnet Fishing Game
    Are you running out of games to play with your little ones but have little patience to make an elaborate craft? Try out this DIY magnet fishing game! The best part? It can double as “science class” as you can explain the mechanics of magnetism to them with this visual aid.  It’s important to note -- while the magnets are secure inside the felt fish and there’s less of a chance of pinched fingers, extra caution and close supervision should be taken when using magnets near children.  Continue reading →
  4. Interactive Magnetic Art

    Interactive Magnetic Art
    From Japanese artist Yukako Hihara using magnets to design anti-gravity shoes to the late Greek sculptor, Takis’ art based in magnetism, magnets are always being used in creative ways! Now, Australian art and design brand  TOO Designs is stepping into the world of magnetism with interactive art kits. Here’s how those kits work, and how you can create your own...
  5. Using Magnets in Your Bedroom to Add Fun, Flare, and Organization

    Using Magnets in Your Bedroom to Add Fun, Flare, and Organization
    The average person spends roughly 26 years of their life sleeping. That means that after subtracting the time you spend relaxing, reading, and plain old hanging out, you’re already spending a lot of time in your bedroom! This private room of your home acts as a safe haven –– a sort of sanctuary after a long day. Since you spend so much time there, retreating from stress and sleeping soundly, you might as well decorate the way you’d like, and take advantage of organizational hacks. Check out the following ways to beautify and organize your bedroom using magnets: Continue reading →
  6. DIY: Magnetic Money Clip

    DIY: Magnetic Money Clip
    Do you have some extra time on your hands? With leather scraps and two block magnets, you can make a magnetic money clip in less than 10 minutes! Hold your loose change and paper money in a convenient clip that’s equal parts stylish and convenient.  Continue reading →
  7. DIY Magnetic Dartboard

    DIY Magnetic Dartboard
    Do-it-yourself projects have become a common trend to make unique items for your home. Buying a typical game of darts is too simple. Instead, YouTuber Magnetic Games used the power of magnetism to load and shoot traditional darts -- and you can too!  Continue reading →
  8. Fridge Magnet Round-Up

    Fridge Magnet Round-Up
    When we say “magnet,” your first thought is of the things holding up invitations and art projects on your fridge. You can buy fridge magnets at almost any store, but did you know you can easily create your own magnets out of basically anything? Here are some of the most unique things we’ve made into fridge magnets and the DIYs so you can do it too.  Continue reading →
  9. DIY Magnetic Branch Hanger

    DIY Magnetic Branch Hanger
    Looking for a new way to hang up your reusable shopping bags, small jackets, or dish towels? Try making some DIY Magnetic Branch Hangers that are both eco-friendly and creative! If you don’t mind if the branches stick out a bit, you can skip the saw and drill portions below and simply glue the magnet right onto the back of the branch. Just make sure that a portion of it is flush with the fridge. If you’re looking for that perfect aesthetic, follow the entire DIY here: Continue reading →
  10. DIY Magnet Name Tags

    DIY Magnet Name Tags
    Say goodbye to sticky name tag residue on your shirt and awkwardly asking for a co-worker’s name when their name tag falls off and say hello to our DIY magnet name tags! To be honest, we’re surprised it’s taken us this long to share this tutorial.  For this project, it’s best to get the lowest pull force magnets—it doesn’t take...

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