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  1. Skip the Paintbrush Next Time You Paint With Magnets

    Skip the Paintbrush Next Time You Paint With Magnets
    Most of us have painted our own portrait or that famous bowl of fruit in art class, and are looking for a relaxing art project that is far less complex. Next time inspiration strikes, leave the paintbrushes behind and experience a new way of creating art! A fun way to ward off the winter break boredom or an unforgettable girl’s night in activity; all you need is a few simple supplies and a little imagination! Plus, you will have a handmade art piece to proudly display on your wall once you are finished.  Continue reading →
  2. How to Create Decorative Vase Magnets

    How to Create Decorative Vase Magnets
    Adding some flowers to your living room, bedroom, or your favorite hangout spot is a great way to give the space a fresh feeling. Thanks to the help of magnets, and a few supplies, you can create an eye-catching arrangement made from decorative vases. Continue reading →
  3. How They Used Apex Magnets… A Battlefield Chessboard

    How They Used Apex Magnets… A Battlefield Chessboard
    We are lucky to help customers from all over the world complete all sorts of innovative projects. No matter what idea comes to your mind, we are happy to work with you and use our knowledge of magnets to bring your vision to life. Recently, Joshua Kime created a chessboard that was made from natural terrain and resembled a battlefield. While no stranger to crafting one of a kind creations, Kime said this board came to be by sheer coincidence.  Continue reading →
  4. Craft Your Custom DIY Magnetic Cuff

    Craft Your Custom DIY Magnetic Cuff
    Whether you’re looking for the perfect last-minute Christmas gift for dad or getting a head start on his birthday present, give the gift that keeps on giving with a DIY magnetic cuff! If you’ve ever been within earshot of your dad while he’s working on a project involving nails or screws, like that one time he was patching the hole in the roof, you know he would love this MacGyver-inspired accessory!  Continue reading →
  5. DIY Lid Magnets

    DIY Lid Magnets
    If you are looking for ways to cater to your artistic side and add some life to a magnetic surface in your home, we have a simple craft that you and your kids can enjoy. DIY lid magnets are the perfect way to channel your creativity and allow you to get as extravagant or subtle as you’d like with your designs. Continue reading →
  6. DIY Halloween Rock Magnets

    DIY Halloween Rock Magnets
    As we near the halfway point of October, Halloween is inching closer and closer. But before your kids dress up as their favorite superhero, athlete, or celebrity for trick-or-treating, get them in the Halloween spirit early by decorating DIY Halloween rock magnets with them. One option is to create Halloween rock magnets of their favorite spooky characters to hang up on the fridge.  Continue reading →
  7. Get Creative When You Make DIY Mini Pie Magnets

    Get Creative When You Make DIY Mini Pie Magnets
    Are you looking for the perfect activity for your upcoming bridal shower, neighborhood craft night, or Friday at home with the grandkids? Why not create your own mini pie magnets that are simple to make and add a personal touch to any kitchen? Plus, with six easy-to-find household supplies, this craft is a fun and cost-effective activity for large crowds.  With endless ways to personalize your magnets, you can substitute the suggested supplies below for others you may have around the house, or ask each guest to bring one item to share!  Continue reading →
  8. Make Your Own DIY Menu Board

    Make Your Own DIY Menu Board
    Make Your Own DIY Menu Board If you are looking for a simple and effective way to save time and get organized before the school year starts, we have just the solution! With a few simple supplies you can pick up from your local dollar store, you can create a custom menu board that your family will love. It may even help reduce your grocery spending! Forget the endless arguments about what you are having for dinner when you get the kids involved with meal planning at the beginning of each week!  Continue reading →
  9. Make Your Own DIY Magnetic Ball

    Make Your Own DIY Magnetic Ball
    In America today, over 38% of households own at least one dog. If your home isn’t complete without man’s best friend, you understand that not only will dog parents do anything for their dog, but they’ll spend almost any amount of money to do so. Whether you’re training an 8-week-old bundle of fluff with endless energy or teaching your old dog a new trick, magnetic dog balls are the perfect, cost-effective toy to train without the hassle. Continue reading →
  10. Make Your Own Magnetic Fishing Game

    Make Your Own Magnetic Fishing Game
    With summer only halfway over and the boredom starting to set in, you’re likely desperate to find activities that don’t involve the latest video game or tv series. If that’s you right now, we have a fun and easy DIY magnetic fishing game your kids are going to love made with supplies you can find around your house. And depending on the size of your family, this activity is easily customizable for large or small crowds!  Continue reading →

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