Ceramic magnets have many useful applications in different industries and businesses. This permanent, man-made type of magnet is made from a combination of iron oxide and strontium carbonate. Those two elements are heated to over 2000° F, triggering a specific chemical reaction. The result is ferrite material with a magnetic field; in other words, ceramic magnets.

Attributes of Ceramic Magnets 

There are many reasons to choose ceramic magnets for your business application. For instance, ceramic is the least expensive magnet vs. alnico and rare earth magnets. This makes them a great choice for individuals and business owners. In addition, they’re fairly resistant to high operating temperatures and corrosion resistant. 


Additional pros of ceramic magnets: 


Resilient: ceramic magnets are highly resilient and nearly impossible to demagnetize 

Adaptable: ceramic magnets are adaptable in that they can be magnetized in more than one direction and produced in almost any size, shape, or configuration


While their price point and performance is certainly appealing, ceramic magnets are considered more brittle than other types of magnets. This means it’s more common for them to chip, crack, or break upon collision with metals or other magnets. That said, ceramic magnets are still the top choice in a wide variety of business applications.

Applications of Ceramic Magnets 

Examples of how ceramic magnets are utilized in different business applications include the following: 

  • Speaker magnets
  • Direct current (DC) brushless motors
  • Lawnmowers
  • PC permanent magnet motors (in cars)
  • Separators
  • Magnetic assemblies for lifting, holding, and retrieving 
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines

Ceramic Magnets at Apex 

Ceramic magnets are one type of magnet we carry at Apex Magnets. Browse our product list today, and for other useful applications, explore our blog. As always, call us with all and any questions. We genuinely enjoy talking to people through the potential uses of our magnets.