Ever wonder how you could make your very own Magnetometer? This DIY project allows you to do so right from the comfort of your home. Magnetometers measure the strength of magnetic fields – acting as an essential tool to assess the strength of permanent magnets and electromagnets in order to understand the field shape of nontrivial magnet configurations. Use these steps to create a pocket-size portable Magnetometer inside a Tic Tac Box!

What You’ll Need 

  • 8mm x 1mm magnet
  • A large Tic Tac Box
  • Ballpen tube
  • SS49E linear Hall sensor (can be purchased online)
  • Arduino Uno with prototype board (can be purchased online
  • 3 thin stranded wires
  • 12cm of thin (1.5mm) shrink tube
  • A 9V-battery clip


  1. First, create the magnetic probe by connecting the Hall Sensor, the magnet, the Arduino Uno, and the display buttons.
  2. Mount the probe at the tip of the Ballpen tube
  3. Attach the three wires to the probe and run them through the tube
  4. Once everything is connected, calibrate the probe to the code that corresponds with the number given by the Arduino display. 
  5. Place the products inside the Tic Tac box with the probe at the top for easy removal/charging purposes.

For more information, reference these step-by-step informational instructions

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