No matter who you are there’s a good chance at one point in your life you’ve kept a secret. Whether it was about a surprise party, or your best friend’s crush, there’s no escaping secrecy. But, what if you could hide any secret message right in plain sight? With the power of magnets, this is possible. Using a magnetic viewfinder, you can create any message, mantra, or secret and hide it without anyone ever knowing it’s there. To help you create this, we’ve put together this DIY magnet project for you.



  1. Lay your message out on the wooden board. Use your ruler and pencil to sketch your letters or design on the wooden boards.
  2. Position the magnets evenly throughout your design, making sure they are at least 1/2" apart from each other. If you need a better idea on how to layout the magnets, check out this template.
  3. With your colored tape, measure 1/4" down your drill bit and tape off after it. This will serve as the guide on how deep the holes should be.
  4. Drill the holes for you magnets, making sure you go no deeper than the 1/4" marker.
  5. Insert your magnets into the holes. Since both the magnet and holes are the same width, they should fit snug without any tape or glue needed. You’ll need 4 magnets per hole as they are only 1/16” tall.
  6. If your plastic board isn’t the same size as your wooden board, you’ll need to cut it to size now.
  7. Drill a hole all the way through each corner of your plastic board using a drill bit that is smaller than the size of your screw heads.
  8. Line the boards up and screw them together.
  9. Using your Magnetic Field Viewer Film read your secret message and show off to your friends!

After you’re finished, display it for your friends and family to see, unless it’s truly a secret! Let us know in the comments section how your project turned out.