Ever find yourself getting restless indoors as the weather gets warmer? Cure your spring fever with this DIY magnetic vertical garden! The neat thing about this garden is you aren’t limited to a certain layout or plant. Customize the organization as you see fit, and switch out the plants whenever you want. This easy-to-create magnetic vertical garden is a great way to bring the outdoors in and brighten up your office, bedroom, or common areas this season.

What You’ll Need

Steps for Making your Magnetic Vertical Garden

  1. First, you’ll want to find a magnetic surface in your office or home to create your magnetic vertical garden, such as the side of a refrigerator. If you can’t find any, grab a magnetic board for the wall - just be sure to secure it to the wall so it can support the weight of your flower pots!
  2. Next, glue the disc magnets to one flat side of each flower pot that will act as the back of the pot. Check the weight capacity of the magnets before you glue them on - depending on the size and weight of your flower pots and plants, you may have to use more than one magnet or choose a stronger magnet! Let the glue dry as suggested on the container and test the flower pot on your magnetic surface before adding the plants.

  3. You will then plant your air plants, succulents, or herbs. Make sure that you are planting them correctly and placing your vertical garden in an appropriate place - air plants do not need soil, succulents will need a potting mix, and herbs will need a larger pot in a well-lit area of your home.

  4. Once you have your plants in their flower pots, shift them around until you find the perfect arrangement. Stick them to your secured magnetic surface and tada - you now have your own indoor vertical garden!

Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home this summer with this magnetic vertical garden project! For more magnetic craft ideas, visit our DIY blog.