Pumpkins are a time-old tradition of the fall season. Whether you're making delicious desserts or carving a jack-o-lantern masterpiece, pumpkins are your go-to gourd. Take a look at these quick and easy magnetic DIY mason jar pumpkin lids to give your fridge a festive look. These pumpkin magnets would also make great seasonal gifts, office decorations, or fall decor  for around the house.

Fun fact: The tradition of carving pumpkins began hundreds of years ago in Ireland. However, the Irish didn’t have  pumpkins. Instead, they carved out turnips and rutabagas and placed small flames in them to ward off evil spirits on All Hallows Eve. When the Irish immigrated to America, they discovered the pumpkin!

DIY Mason Jar Pumpkin Lids



  1. Paint the lids orange. Let dry completely.
  2. Glue two lids to the back of the third lid. Make sure part of each of the two lids  are visible behind the front lid. It should look as though they are overlapping and in the shape of a pumpkin.
  3. Cut the twig to about two to three inches long.
  4. Glue the small twig to the center on the back of the lids. Let dry completely. This will be the stem of the pumpkin.
  5. Cut some twine and tie in onto the twig in a bow.
  6. Glue a magnet on the back of the pumpkin. Let dry.

If you want to make your pumpkin magnet less traditional, try painting the lids bright or bold colors. Another idea is adding glitter, stickers, or names and dates to add personal touches to the pumpkin magnets.

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