A magnetic latch, also known as a catch, provides resistance and prevents cabinet doors from popping open unintentionally. Some homeowners may use specially designed cabinet magnets to minimize damage from minor earthquakes or secure items. There are several different versions and ways that you can install a magnetic latch. Below, we have outlined a simple magnetic latch that can be installed in cabinetry.



  1. Determine where to place your magnetic latch. We recommend placing them opposite the door hinges, near the top or bottom vertical.
  2. Mark the door side and the opposite side to make sure that the two magnets will align when the door is shut.
  3. Once marked, place the magnet with the screw head side up between the marked area. Then with a low torque, drill the screw into the magnet hole. Be extremely careful not to drill too far into the cabinet door. Leave at least an ⅛ inch between the hole and the other side of the cabinet to prevent stripping or an ugly hole in your cabinet. You can also place a drill sleeve as a precaution to prevent drilling too deep.
  4. The particular countersunk magnets that we chose for this DIY have two screw holes, so once those are both inserted you can start on installing their opposite counterparts.
  5. Place the other countersunk magnet in the marked alignment inside the cabinet. These magnets come in pairs and the screw sides of the pairs have opposing north and south sides. As long as they are kept in pairs and screwed in on the correct sides, they will attract.
  6. Repeat the same process as the cabinet door magnets and if need be, tighten the screws  with a screwdriver until held firmly in place.
  7. Once both parts are screwed in place, test your new magnetic door latch. The door should close easily with a slight pull from the magnets. If the door seems to slam, then the magnet strength may be too high.

Magnetic latches are a great way to secure cabinet doors. Whether you are moving into a new home or simply renovating your older home, they make for a useful addition to any room. For questions concerning this DIY or magnet selection and installation, feel free to contact us or comment!

Photo by waferboard