You never know what you’ll find when you go magnet fishing. Some go in search of treasure, others do it to make a positive impact in the community, and others go to say they gave it a try. Recently, a father-son duo made an incredible discovery while magnet fishing in England that helped bring closure to a robbery victim from 2000. Let’s see how magnets made this discovery possible. 

Business As Usual

George Tindale, 15, and his father Kevin, 52, are avid magnet fishers and even have a YouTube channel dedicated to their adventures. At around the seven-minute mark of this video, the pair both latch onto something and begin pulling it from the River Witham.   The two discover that the object is an old safe and they are eventually able to get it open with a crowbar. Inside, they found credit cards that expired nearly 20 years ago, a certificate for a firearm, and the equivalent of $1,800 U.S. 

A Good Deed

Eventually, the fishermen used the cards inside to find Rob Everett, the rightful owner of the cash. It turned out his office was robbed in 2000 by a teenage thief, who proceeded to dump the stolen safe in the river. While the suspect was caught shortly after the crime, the safe and its contents hadn’t been found until this recent stroke of luck.    “There are some really nice and good people in this world,” said Everett. “They could have kept the money, they could have said they attempted to get hold of me.”

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