When you live in an apartment, you typically don’t have much space to work with, especially in the bathroom. You have to utilize your space efficiently when you have limited room. The best hack for that? Move to a new home! We’re kidding. It’s magnets! These easy DIY hacks require minimal effort and maximal magnets.

1. If you’re a frequent user of hair pins you’re probably also a frequent misplacer of hair pins. You’ll find them all over your home, on counters, in corners, in the vacuum cleaner, but never where you actually need them. Round them up in one place with magnets! Stick some adhesive-backed block magnets inside of your medicine cabinet or on the wall above the sink. Our block magnets can hold either 3.5 or 6.9 pounds, so all of your pins will stay put with no problem!

2. Medicine cabinets are for storing medicine, obviously, but sometimes the bottles just won’t fit. For a clever storage hack, grab some adhesive-backed disc magnets and stick one side to the underside of a shelf and the other side to the lids of your pill bottles. You’ll be able to grab them anytime you need something, while keeping them up and out of the way.

3. With minimal counter space, you have no room to spread out, so you have to get creative with things like  makeup storage. The trick is to utilize your walls! You’ll need multiple adhesive-backed disc magnets for all of your makeup pieces. You’ll also need to scour the thrift store for a metal tray. Mount the tray onto the wall in your bathroom and then, secure the disc magnets to the back of each makeup item that you use on a daily basis. Just pop them up on the tray and voila! Your counters are organized and all of your makeup is in one place for easy access.

4. If your family likes to leave their wet towels all over the house, you’ll love this hack. All you need for this are some basic sewing skills and some disc magnets. Grab your bath towels and a disc magnet and using either a sewing machine or a thread and needle, fold down one small corner of the towel. Begin sewing one side of the triangle before inserting the disc magnet and sewing the triangle closed. Do this on opposite corners of each towel. Then, secure disc magnets to the back of your bathroom door or wall. Now, when you’re done with your towels, you can just stick them on the door so they’ll dry instead of sitting in a wet ball on the floor!

Most bathrooms aren’t known for their great storage space. Taking that into consideration as you are planning out your bathroom decor is imperative. Magnets are a simple fix for many of your storage issues. Make sure to check out the rest of our blog for more great hacks and how-to’s!