Magnets are extremely useful tools to keep on hand because they can help make annoying tasks simple and quick. Whether you’re cleaning, organizing, or just pinning a reminder on the refrigerator, magnets have an incredible variety of uses. Here are a few household problems you can solve with magnets.

  • Keep Foods Fresh - You can keep chips and other foods fresh by securing the bag with magnets. Small magnets for crafts or disc magnets will work effectively for this purpose. All you have to do is fold the top of the open bag over once or twice and use magnets to hold it shut.
  • Hold Garbage Bag - If you have a stubborn trash can, you can use magnets to keep the garbage bag in place. With a metal trash can, the magnets should secure to the sides easily. All you have to do is put the garbage bag in between the metal and the magnet. If you have a plastic trash can, you can use powerful magnets that attract through the material and attach one to the outside and one on the inside to hold the bag. For this problem, you will need stronger magnets than the ones used for chip bags.
  • Clean Glass Objects - Cleaning vases, fish tanks, and windows is so much easier with magnets. For this problem, use scissors to cut a sponge in half. Next, use an exacto knife to cut a slit in each of the sponge halves. Insert one thin disc magnet into the slits. Now, apply water and soap to one of the sponge halves and squeeze into a container with a narrow spout or hold it on the outside of a hard-to-reach window. Take the other magnetized sponge half and hold it against the first one. They should attract through the glass, allowing you to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach places. These are popular for cleaning fish tanks because you can leave the sponge inside the tank and routinely clean the glass without disturbing your fish.

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