Is the snow coming down where you are? Whether you’re enjoying a winter wonderland or you’re dealing with something a little more inconvenient or dangerous, at least when it comes to driving, magnets can help ensure that your windshield snow protector fits snugly on your car’s windshield.  Before we get to the magnets, it’s safe to say that if you don’t own a windshield snow cover, having one will change your life for the better, especially if you park outside. No one likes to tromp outside only to have to scrape, dig, dust away the latest layer of fresh powder. In addition to simply making your life easier, a windshield snow cover also reduces the chances of potential damage from snow and ice. 

How Magnets Can Help

Using magnets, you can increase the effectiveness of your windshield protector. Typically, they come with some sort of fastenings that need to be tied to your mirror or shut inside the car doors; others are made with magnets that ensure a snug connection. They also give you more peace of mind that wind and ice won’t dislodge the protector. Regardless of whether your protector came with magnets sewn into it or not, you can add extra magnets for maximum holding power.  Your best bet is to select a samarium-cobalt (SmCO) magnet because it’s tolerant of extreme high and low temperatures. In general, most magnets actually gain strength in lower temperatures. That means they will retain their strength during icy-cold snowstorms. Consider using a 1” x ⅛” samarium cobalt disc magnet placed at all four corners on the windshield. 

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