If you’ve recently (or even if you haven’t) redesigned or painted your home, you most likely have various extra supplies like a paint stick lying around. Whether it’s semi-empty paint cans, paint brushes, or paint sticks, you probably have kept them around in the off chance you’ll need to use them again. However, 9 times out of 10, they end up sitting in the basement, collecting dust. Don’t fret!

We have a solution for all of those additional paint sticks you’ve amassed. This simple DIY requires minimal supplies and is fun for the whole family to craft with mod podge. Here’s how you can repurpose your paint sticks to create beautiful, magnetic decoupage decor.

Supplies You’ll Need for Your Paint Stick Magnets:

  • Maps, Scrapbook paper, or Wrapping Paper
  • Paint Sticks
  • 5mm x 3mm Disc Magnets
  • Scissors
  • Decoupage or Mod Podge
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Sponge Brush


  • Set the paint stick on the backside of the map, scrapbook, or wrapping paper and make sure there is about a ½ inch margin of paper around the stick.
  • Apply decoupage on the side of stick that goes face down, as well as the backside of the paper. Lay the stick back down on the paper.
  • Cut out the four corners of the paper. Then, cut slits in the paper where the divots of the paint stick lay.
  • Apply more decoupage on the stick and paper. Wrap the paper around the paint stick, beginning with the slits at the divots.
  • Apply one last coat of decoupage once the paper is fully wrapped around the stick. Use your hand to smooth it down.
  • Let the decoupage completely dry, up to 24 hours.
  • Once the decoupage is dry, use the hot glue gun to glue magnets on the backside of each paint stick. Let glue dry and magnet set.

How did your decoupage paint stick magnet come out? This is a great way to commemorate the event of painting your first home, or redoing your first fixer-upper.

If you want to use these paint stick magnets as an organization tool, you can add foam letters to the paint sticks and attach the paint sticks to a file cabinet or magnetic desk! Be sure to check out the rest of our magnetic DIYs and crafts!