Most kids are already out of school for the summer and enjoying the free time that comes with break. With the kids at home it could be a great time to involve them in the household chores. The thought of doing chores isn’t appealing to many, but you can try to make it more interesting with some positive reinforcement and this fun DIY magnetic chore chart!




  1. Hang up your magnetic whiteboard in a common area in your house (i.e. kitchen, fridge)
  2. Create your bottle cap reward magnets by attaching self adhesive magnets or neodymium magnets with glue. You can paint these different colors to distinguish scores or different family members.
  3. With a whiteboard marker draw the lines of your chore chart. On the horizontal axis, make the days of the week. On the vertical axis, write the chore list.
  4. Leave a space on the board to hold the bottle caps. Once a chore is completed, you can stick the respective magnet on the chart.
  5. At the end of the week collect and tally up the colored bottle cap magnets. For multiple family members you can give prizes for the one or top few with the most bottle cap magnets.

This chore chart is useful to help keep track of weekly chores and can help motivate the whole family to pitch in with the household. Plus, if your family is competitive, the tallying of bottle cap magnets can be the extra oomph needed to encourage participation.

You can also customize your chore chart to fit your needs. For instance, you can make non participation a part of the game by adding negative magnets for incomplete chores. When a member doesn’t complete chores they have to subtract two points for every negative magnet from their total score.