April 6th is National Tartan Day in the United States! If you’re unfamiliar with the holiday, it is the day those with Scottish heritage (or anyone) celebrates the Scottish day of Independence. In fact, the Scottish declaration of independence served as model for the United States’ own version in 1776!

As its name suggests, Tartan Day is celebrated by donning tartan, what many American call “plaid,” items of clothing such as small capes, hats, and of course, the kilt! Each tartan is usually a pattern of intersecting lines of different colors. Tartan patterns typically denote a particular family or clan, as well as various districts or municipalities.

A real tartan kilt can cost around $500, but don’t let this dissuade you from joining in on the Tartan Day festivities! Check out this super-easy DIY to make your own makeshift kilt with a little help from magnets!

What You’ll Need


Steps for your Tartan Day Magnetic Kilt

  1. Without cutting anything, unravel your plaid (tartan) fabric and wrap it around your waist. Start at your left thigh and wrap clockwise. Make one full wrap, plus another half wrap, stopping at your right thigh. In all, your “kilt” should wrap around your body 1 ½ times.
  2. Mark where the fabric stops on your right thigh. Use a ruler to cut the fabric as straight as possible.
  3. Mark the spot on the plaid fabric where the end overlaps with the first go-around. Do this toward the top, or waistline.
  4. Using a small scrap of fabric, sew in a small, square pocket to the spot you just marked.
  5. Do the same thing on the end of the fabric. Make sure this pocket aligns with the one you just sewed into the other side.
  6. Insert a sewing magnet into each pocket, making sure they are opposite poles (+ and -).
  7. Wrap your new kilt following the instructions and step one fasten them with the magnetic buttons. This should hold the kilt in place.
  8. If your new fabric kilt is a little loose, try adding a belt for additional support.

If you have some fabric left over, try turning it into a matching cape, what the Scots call a fly plaid (pronounced “played”).

You’re well on your way to looking like a true highlander! Make sure to snap a few pics in your new kilt and tweet at @ApexMagnets! We’d love to see them! Looking for more fun magnetic DIYs? Visit the rest of our Magnets for Crafts blog!