A lot of people go magnet fishing as a way to treasure hunt for fun, but it’s also an ecological hobby and service to nature. You’re not just finding exciting historical items or mysterious odds and ends—you’re essentially doing a “deep” clean of the rivers, lakes, oceans, and waterways you love. 

First, the basics: all you need is a neodymium eyebolt magnet (optimum pull strengths will vary), nylon rope (better for underwater use), gloves, and maybe, a grappling hook (to help haul in heavier items). For more information or a little refresher on how to get started fishing with Apex magnets, see our previous blog on the topic!

The Ecological Benefits of Magnet Fishing

Now, onto the ecological benefits! Magnets and ferrous metals pollute water and can hurt both the animals that live there and their ecosystems, infecting fish, turtles, crabs, and all other aquatic creatures and plants. Plus, when those animals that have ingested ferrous metals and other toxins are eaten, we absorb that, too. 

You can expect to find all kinds of garbage and waste when you go magnet fishing — including old bicycles, license plates, beer caps, fishing hooks, nails, and vaults. Depending on where you are, you might even find some dangerous items like bullets or guns. Pulling up these kinds of things requires a high level of caution; if you think you found some kind of weapon, contact the police. 

More Reasons to Try Magnet Fishing!

In addition to all the ecological benefits of magnet fishing, there are several other reasons to give it a try. First of all, it’s low cost with high reward. It doesn’t involve a ton of equipment or personnel. You don’t need to pay for a license or registration either. Meaning, it’s a cheap way to pitch in and make the world a better, safer place to live. 

Magnet fishing is also a lot safer than other underwater clean-ups as it doesn’t involve divers, machinery, or other dangerous equipment. You are simply dropping a line in the water without ever even getting into the water yourself. However, we do strongly suggest that you wear protective gloves to avoid rope burn and protect yourself from any contamination from found items. 

Apex Magnets Supports Magnet Fishing

Magnet fishing is for anyone, especially those who are motivated to clean up our waterways. Regardless of your motivation — treasure hunting or ecological service — you can do it simply, cheaply, and safely. In addition to eye bolt magnets, you could also use one of our ready-made retrieval magnets with a pull force up to 1000 lbs. If you have questions about our products or how to use them, contact us today!